Have you ever...?


Yeah, in a place called "53 Degrees" in Preston. Didn't know the comedian, but she was pretty funny on the night. Pitty that the floor was sticky as hell, but it didn't ruin the show.

HYE rwad instructions? <-- Initially, I wanted to ask "HYE read instructions?" but I typed + saw that... and I thought "That's just how a cute 3-year-old would probably say it." Lmao.


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Nope, but I have thrown people out

HYE had funny looks when you have been running towards the train station to catch an hourly train service?


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I don't run for things haha! I'm so clumsy that I would end up falling and breaking something :p

Have you ever pulled a prank on someone? If so, what did you do?


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Quietly followed them for half a minute through empty corridors and stairways to the staff room. They thought they were alone the whole journey, until I greeted them cheerfully as if nothing was wrong when we neared the staff room. The scream of fright was delicious.

Have you ever reported something at work, and as a consequence the person you reported was fired?


Not exactly - I WAS going to report them, and I mentioned this to the boss:
Guy at work was pushing/slamming into and kicking a treats dispenser, and it was a regular basis.

Funny thing was apparently, I wasn't the 1st one to do so, and he was fired before I even made the report. XD Best of both world - I took responsibility, and I didn't cost anyone their job!!

HYE imagined yourself as a PC in a .hack or SAO MMORPG, and wanted to do your own things, even mimicking them?


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Yep. Same for scratches, cuts, etc.

Have you ever been on stage with a celebrity for whatever reason? For me it was Burt Kwouk. It was a local pantomime, and I was four.

Would also accept other celebrity encounters of an interesting kind.

st_owly (witch)

I won an art competition when I was at school and the prize was presented by someone from Byker Grove but I can't remember who. I think I was about 6.

HYE marathoned an entire anime series in less than a day?


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Yup. Notable instances include all of Ranma 1/2 season 1 overnight solo, and all of Escaflowne overnight with my first girlfriend. Turns out ten years later I can still pull an all-nighter, as I found out last weekend on Star Wars: The Old Republic. :>

Have you ever been on the rebound? Gone out with someone simply because you felt down about a previous relationship ending and needed the comfort of not being alone? Aye, #3 was quite the monster in hindsight.


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I once made a Tres Lechee Cake, that turned out rather well.

Have you ever bought a cd specifically for one song, only to find another song on that cd that was even better?


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Yes, it was during high school. In the middle of a lesson a friend said me "I'm hungry", I answered "me too", so we went out of the class with some excuses, exited school and then went to a pub. Just while entering the pub a teacher saw us and started menacing to report what happened, putting us in troubles. Luckily I had some stuff to blackmail her, so we agreed nobody saw anything. Then we ate some toasts and sandwiches, drank a couple of beers and returned to lesson. Fun times.

HYE driven a dune buggy?