Have you ever been bullied because of anime/manga?


Personally, even letting a couple of people see one of my bleach volumes, I had been taken the Mic out of for 2 weeks.

Just wanted to hear some of your guys experiences if you've had any.
I only know one guy in the whole school who reads anime and watches manga.


No, but I did get a shittin' cause of a very ecchi Chun Li desktop.

And the time I changed someone elses to Ikkitousen cause they left their account logged in. lol.


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The people I know generally don't care. Might get a bit of banter every now and then but nothing worth going to town with.


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Bullied? No. Bit of mickey taking? Of course. One of my buddies just started sunbed sessions. Do I bully him about it? No. Do I take the **** out of him about it? I wouldn't consider myself his friend if I didn't.


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No but I have spoken to people who just see it as cartoons and comics, kids stuff. I've introduced anime to friends and family and all seem to like it.

Don't let this bad experience stop you pursuing your interest.


No. It's usually the small peeps who get picked on by the bigger peeps. Guys over 6ft with cold eyes are allowed to read Bleach... though, you deserve to get beaten up for having poor taste, in all probability. (You'd look a lot 'arder if you walk around with Eden.)

I have had a round, metallic doorknob smashed into my nose by accident, mind you. That hurt.


Za Warudo
alot of people don't care about whether i'm into anime/manga, mainly because i'm now in 6th form and alot of the people that do it are mature enough to keep their thoughts to themselves

i did actually talk to a friend of mine at school about anime loads and she never criticised me once, apart from that my cousin doesn't criticise me either, he just doesn't like the whole reading from right-to-left thing of manga! :lol:

if i as more open about it in earlier years i might've gotten the piss taken out of me, but that's mainly because most of my year consisted of close-minded jocks who listened to gansta rap


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I probably gave more than I got over the subject of anime / manga actually. Just completely wasn't into it when I was younger, but it's less a case of me 'seeing the light' than it was of people my age watching stuff I'd still tease them about now.

Like anything else, the more you rise to or anticipate the teasing, the more it becomes a running gag. Teasing isn't a complex social interaction. It's seeing a bunch of buttons and pushing the ones that get the most interesting response. The easiest people to rib are those who genuinely feel whatever they love is untouchable, the people who're too quick to defend their interest to the hilt and rubbish everything everyone associates it with. When somebody says 'you watching cartoons again, then?' the best answer you can give isn't the one where you list five of your favourite shows for 'adults' and do a drive-by on the immaturity of western animation while you're at it.

Learning to laugh a little at the trash that you love makes you a better person.


Not really no, i only got the usual comments at high school that it was kids or whatever. I was never really bullied for it, if i was, it was the red hair. Most of the time, if it was part of the conversation, we just talked about it normally, noone seemed tempted to tease about it.


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Not at all. I've been bullied for plenty of things in the past at school but never for liking anime/manga/games. I wouldn't have listened even if they had said anything - it's no more lame than cooing over makeup or boy bands. I was the only fan in my school as well (an all girls school).

I wear anime-related t-shirts etc on my commute and had some very positive comments from people asking for ideas for stuff to watch etc. Most people, after they leave school, seem far too concerned about their own lives to have time to go around bullying people for being into completely harmless hobbies.



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Nope, never been bullied or mocked because of anime/manga. It's a tough one to take someone to task over; most people just nod and smile, offer that a "That's nice," if I ever bring it up, simply because they have no clue.


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Some of my friends might say 'Are you watching that anime porn again?' So I just say yes and what can they say then?
I'm in 6th form, so not really. Back in high school I imagine I would have although I did bring a volume in once (Rurouni Kenshin) and everyone else was just shocked how gory it was ^^"... now most of my 6th form are aware of Naruto for some reason. That doesn't mean it's full of Narutards (although I know a few), it just means pulling out Manga/watching anime in public is nothing new

Ryo Chan

nope, but tbf, the last time the masses knew i was an otaku was my college days, and i think a group of 10 of us running down the halls screaming "kamehameha" at eachother scared everyone away :D


I Tend not to mention to people about my special shelf of anime and manga, I assume people wouldn't care but I've learned to keep my mouth shut about my personal life after first and second year -____- so none of my friends really know about it.

It really depends what kind of people your friends are like, if they allow a harmless hobby of yours to come in the way of your friendship or not



In high school i actually did a tribute to various anime characters for my GCSE general artwork. got a good grade for it and the teachers thought it was very diverse. Some of my mates enjoy animestill, others don't really care what i watch, its just a given thing now-a-days, they talk about football and i just sit listening, i talk about anime and they just wait till i'm finished.

My gf and my best mate take the p*** sometimes, saying i "need to stop watching cartoons" but i know them well enough to know that their only messing around.

If you enjoy anime, keep at it, no matter what people may say.


Godot - F***ing sweet! Nice taste in characters too. ;)

Tachi - That's funny, I did some GCSE work on manga too - not the final exam, but some coursework about manga (then some prick next to me decided to knock water over my work... poor Bebi pastelwork... :( )

OT - Bullying? Nah, not really. most of the time, I've been praised by my attempts to draw it throughout my education. And in high school, you remember the Pokemon cards and the gameboy games? They were the biggest thing at school.
At college, I started properly learning to draw manga, and I had all kinds of strangers and classmates giving positive crit to it. That didn't change much at uni either. The teachers actually wanted to see me work with it - not in a litteral sculpture form, but incorporated into it. It idn't florish that time, but I still have plans. :D

The worst I got was the people's misunderstandings of the whole "kid's thing" ideal. Otherwise, nout much was said outright.

Genkina Hito

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Never bullied. A lot of my friends would roll their eyes when I'd try to introduce them to anime.

"Guys, Vampire Princess Miyu is totally cool. If you like Buffy, you'll love this." A bigger lie I have never told.

A lot of my university lecturers liked the anime images that I used in my projects.


No because I only let friends know my hobbies. This isn't through not wanting other people to know because of fear of ridicule or some ****. It's just that I have no reason to reveal my hobbies to people I don't care about enough to have a nice conversation with.


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Genkina Hito said:
"Guys, Vampire Princess Miyu is totally cool. If you like Buffy, you'll love this." A bigger lie I have never told.
:D Awesomeness but I wouldn't have said it's like buffy. I've been looking out for the Vampire Princess Miyu Ultimate boxset for the TV series complete with Charm and Audio CD. I gather that the complete set is rare because it's very expensive now and discontinued >.<. I've seen them on sale for $400. I saw one a bit back on ebay that went up to £100. I'll get it one day though :p