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I was just poking around the anime central site when i saw this:
The official website for anime series The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya has just released details of a new animation project.

Upon reaching the website an error message appears (page cannot be found), then you get a prompt for a password. The password (KNSAK) is the initials of the family names for each of the members of the SOS Brigade.

Once you have entered the password into the marked fields and clicked on the white button you are greeted with the production credits for the new series, revealing that the new animation project will be directed by Yasuhiro Takemoto with animation by Kyoto. Haruhi Suzumiya will return as the main character for this new series.

The previously announced second season of Haruhi Suzumiya has been cancelled and replaced with this new anime.
so, what could this "new series" be? :?


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The Disappearance. Oooh Ahh. I read about this on ANN, Its quite intricate to actually find out about the slight information about the Second season. I remember reading somewhere, Someone said at the bottom of the Suzumiya site it had "2007, 2008, 2009". So I doubt we'll see it for quite a while. This time next year probably, 2008 going on 2009.


I really hope that this 'new' series continues the story of the first season.

The only thing I didn't like about the first was that the series just stopped without really going anywhere. :?


Taylor said:
First series confused me, all the episodes were jumbled >.<

Hope its good though and looking forward to it!

If it was the Japanese broadcast version that you watched then they 'were' in the wrong order, theDVDs have them in the correct order.


AS Jayme said, its based on the 4th volume of the light novel series, The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya. i posted about it there as well. But Basically its lead up to showing this has been done extremely well.
For one the bit about 'The previously announced second season being cancelled and replaced with the new series" is a copy more or less from the novels where they had to cancel the production of the second movie. Also the time and date when the site went "down" was exactly the same (4am on the 18th in japan) as when Haruhi Disappeared in the novel.
The bit there saying Haruhi is the main character is wrong, and it should be since even in the novels, Kyon has always been the main character as its all told by his point of view


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I'm not getting this.
So it's now a show about the main character but it's now been canceled and made into a new series about the same character from the other one? :?


XnickX said:
I'm not getting this.
So it's now a show about the main character but it's now been canceled and made into a new series about the same character from the other one? :?

Hmm, i'll explain it a bit easier then. Ermmm. Ok i guess Haruhi is the main character in a sense, in the fact that the story always revolves around her basically, but the thing is with volume 4, she doesn't make an appearance until say 3-4 chapters in, if i remember correctly, and also Kyon is always the one telling the story.
The thing about the old series being cancelled and a new series being made in its place is a copy of the idea they used in the novel, where haruhi wanted to make a second movie(asahina mikuru 00 being the first) but she had to cancel it as noone would let her do it.


Of course, this doesn't load up to a hill of beans for me cuz we're still to get it over here.

Cuz, you know, I'd to think that Kodensha USA know that we exist.


Arbalest said:
asahina mikuru 00 being the first.

I have to admit it was bizzare watching that. A film made by the characters listed on the disks as Episode 0, and you watch it before they even make it in the series. :?

It was funny though, and when you watch it again after watching the series, it's even better.


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Can't wait, loved The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, hope its continues from it and keeps the goodness up!