Haruhi DVD 1 R1 for sale


Thousand Master
Hey everyone, I'm selling volume 1 of The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. I bought it a few months back due to the hype, but it isn't my type of thing.

It is the official US release, from Bandai. Though, as such it is a Region 1 DVD and will not play on a regular UK player. It has the first four episodes, in chronological order, and a ton of extras, which I was particularly impressed with. It is the regular edition, so it is just a regular DVD, no collector's box. It has been watched one-and-a-bit times, but the condition is excellent. It's rated 13+.

So, how much? £10, postage included. I accept Paypal, a cheque or well-hidden money. Make any negotiations via PM!