Happy Sugar Life - Episode 9

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Great Teacher
The ending of this episode was really brutal. The montage between Satou and Shoko really built up hope. Thinking back, the foreshadowing was there.

Also I really liked the shot of Satou's Aunt with the police officers hat beside her.


the hat has me a bit confused, does that mean he'll come back, or did he not pick it up and I forgot, having her hoping he comes back since, as we now about her by now, any attention is good attention?

that end scene really is brutal though, you know it turns out bad when the scene takes over the end credits, with some nice background music and an almost inspirational story. I do think this feeds my theory though that the three bags means the season will end with three deaths, whatever happens to some other character, if they don't die it isn't them, which means of course there is one victim left, which wouldn't be definite but the last one is by sato's hands again, and I think it may be Taiyo, the promises, doing anything just for the mention of shio, I think he'd get a bit too close


At this rate, Christmas will burn
AUKN Staff
That feeling when they kill off the best (and most sane) girl from the show:



At this rate, Christmas will burn
AUKN Staff
shio isn't dead lol. but arguably the most sane yea, obviously it's a bit like Magical Girl Site with pretty much everyone showing some sort of mental illness or hangup, I think shoko was meant to show anxiety, but as she could work past it it didn't really make her look bad
I was actually referring to Shoko but yeah I guess Shio is technically the most sane one because she's pure.


This show has some great reaction faces


Flame Haze
Blimey that has be one of the best moments this season in terms of the build up of tension (obviously not in terms of what actually happened), Shoko is almost out, did what she say convince Satou........... No!

Loved the insert song: