Happy Sugar Life - Episode 11

Birdie Num Num

Great Teacher
So that explains the fire in the very first episode. Either their plan is going to plan or something went wrong.

When Mitsuboshi went into the aunt's place, I was really hoping that the aunt would be there. I really don't like him because of who he has become. I know he wasn't like this to begin with, but he knows he has a problem, he doesn't seek out help.

Can't wait to see how this ends. When I first watched this show, I didn't think I would be this much invested.


I really don't think Mitsuboshi deserved that... sure he was obsessed with shio in a really creepy way, but I also feel he's the most understandable as to why he's so messed up and sato is one of the least understandable, I mean sato didn't turn out like her aunt and she's smart enough to see what her aunt really is. I'm still wondering myself, yes it shows what starts the fire in episode one, but doesn't really explain why they are on the roof, they were supposed to leave. can't wait to see the finale either, for those who stuck with Magical Girl Site last season, it fills that void really


Captain Karen
I can't remember a fire at all. I need to refresh my memory!
In my defence it was nearly 3 months ago and I have been watching 20 plus different shows this season!

The scene of the show took place in medias res, where we see Satou and Shio on the top of their apartment building together whilst it was on fire.