Happy Sugar Life: Episode 04

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Well, if anyone had any doubts that abuse is wrong... (Hopefully everyone on this forum knows its wrong!)

Then episodes 3+4 should be enough to show it causes some serious mental issues

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I'm really enjoying this anime, although it'd be a really difficult one to recommend


I'm also really concerned Taiyō wanted to take Shio home

In both how 100% messed up that is,,, And the way its shown the obsessions outwayed the trouble of being caught, or even hiding her.

Seriously messed up

only just now got into this, binged the first four (well, at least it isn't watamote, with the molestation episode being one of those binged too) was quite disturbing for it to start by playing off the core relationship as something normal, I was like "oh it's one of those weird light novel romances" until the penny inevitably drops. I have to say though, binging a few episodes, you expect the darker side of it too much for it to be surprising, perhaps it's a once a day/once a week sort of thing when you've come back to it fresh.
yea, taiyo is weirdly obsessed, and can look quite perverted, but it's crushing to know why he's like that, from the beginning of the series no less. what I would want to see from him though is, does his desire will drive him to do something bad, or doesn't he care? none of the other "pervs" seem to care
As I said in the AUKN Summer Season article, I really love how this show drops in cutesy moments to counterbalance the dark bits. Not only does it stop it from being a 20 minute depression session every week, I think the juxtaposition just serves to really highlight how dark the dark bits are.

Do have to wonder if Mitsuboshi is just a weird pervert or if there's something more sinister going on, it seemed really weird how he instantly got obsessed with her. It is quite similar to Satou herself falling in love with her, only expressed differently. Not everyone instantly gets obsessed with her, so I'm wondering what the connection is. Food for thought for sure!

Out of interest, what was the drawing in the back of the closet supposed to be, Shio's mother? The angle was a bit weird and the scene was dark so I couldn't quite tell.
Mitsuboshi was talking about her as an angel and having a healing touch. Although the drooling everytime he thinks about her seems a bit more on the depraved side. I thought she was going to be the one to do something to the bullys, the only people who we've met who weren't affected by whatever "power" she has. All the others like the boy looking for her (I think it's her brother, but I'm not sure as he was talking about vows as well EDIT: And they have different names looking at the characters on Wikipedia), Mitsuboshi and Satou. But they had the misfortune of Satou finding them!

I think it was the mother in the drawing. I thought it was Shio's father who was the abusive one, but it seems (if the vision is anything to go by) that the mother was very strict as well.

I was trying to work out who the girl at the very end was. It was dark, but I think it was the brunette co-worker with her hair tied up in the same way as Satou.

Shouko (the best friend) seems to be the only normal person in the show so far. Also her boss at the current job (we know what happened with her old boss at her previous work 😯).
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Well here's what I think clears things up for some of the characters;
Shio's brother is looking for her. The vows may be something silly a young brother and sister say, but they keep him grounded
Shio's father is physically abusive, clearly the one shio's brother is most afraid of
Shio's mother is emotionally abusive
Poor poor mitsuboshi is probably there as a sped up reflection of the statistic that those abused by people older than them will eventually abuse people younger than them