Happy Halloween AUKN!


Halloween's great! The atmosphere surrounding the end of October is good and you get to dress in just about anything you like and get away with it!

I'll be going to a party, hopefully as a pirate if I can finish something up in time. Great excuse to get smashed, it'll go well with the image.

So guys, doing anything? Attending any weird-ass parties, going trick-or-treating even though you're 16+*, going to make your house look as sinister as possible!?

Just finished adding the few touches on this earlier this morning... Huzzah!


It looks even better now in the dark :3


Za Warudo
happy halloween all!

lol, my cousin's wedding is on halloween! :lol: i would celebrate by just chilling and listening to metal (rocktober is almost over :( ) but curses!


Work in the afternoon, but I'm going to the local pub after for some quizs, games and, of course, getting drunk! Gonna go as something similar to Papa Shango (Old school WWE/WWF), and I even have a foam skull to go with it. ;)

Happy Hallow's Eve!!


Zin5ki said:
Just another day for me. Hopefully I'll be able to get a non-trivial amount of work done.

I am kind of the same- but i'm now going to a fireworks display with my other half.

Also, i've just got Borderlands and I think i'd rather play that, than do work. Sunday is my "Blitz of the Work" day.


ilmaestro said:
Damn, that pumpkin is awesome!

Gonna be in work myself. Sad

Hah cheers, was fun to make, but I can't say I had fun cleaning all weird goo stuff

Asdrubael said:
Happy Halloween!

Does anyone else think saying 'Happy' Halloween is strange :s

Aye, I weren't sure if it would fit with the title so well...


Dragon Knight
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I don't do much except go to a party if friends are having one. This year I am off to the folks, so nothing. Not a bad idea to be somewhere else around here though as kids with eggs, flour and a thing for scratching cars seems to have been the norm for a few years now.


State Alchemist
Happy Samhain everyone.

I'm not a religious or superstitious person but I believe in remembering the original meanings of these festivals, lest they become solely associated with all the commercialised crap.


ayase said:
Happy Samhain everyone.

I'm not a religious or superstitious person but I believe in remembering the original meanings of these festivals, lest they become solely associated with all the commercialised crap.
Incidentally, I was discussing that with my Lithuanian flatmate last night. I don't forget about it but it feels like I'm the only that remembers sometimes.

evangelion rocks

Vampire Ninja
Happy Halloween all!

I've been reliving my childhood by watching some of the specials on kids tv(The Grim Adventures Of Billy And Mandy mostly),watching Vampire Hunter D and Trinity Blood as well as listening to the Disgaea soundtrack!^_^

Ryo Chan

where as i have just come back from my 2 hour long ghost hunt drive round the north west

in total 3 potential sightings, 1 stop where i had to get into my car and just drive off and for some reason, more firework parties than trick or treaters


Just got home from my girlfriends house.

Wow it's been a long day. lol. Time for some Fallout 3 I think.

There was a big fire festival thing going on though which we went to. It was pretty badass.


The Boss
had a party at some friends house. it was pretty good. never had a halloween party before and I just wish I didn't leave for the last minute to find me a costume.


Za Warudo
on an unrelated note about Festivals (sorta related to what Ayase is saying in a way)

i think we're the only European country that doesn't celebrate Walpurgis Night

oh and i spent my time at my cousin's wedding, my Aunt gave me some wine for some strange reason (it was horrible, i prefer cider by they had none! :( )