Happy Birthday TACHI and RYO-CHAN!!


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Both of their birthdays are this sunday so...




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Tachi- said:
*sends e-cake*

*eats e-cake*

*shoves e-fingers down e-throat*

*purges e-cake*

*e-slaps self for being e-weak*

*is e-beautiful*

Yummy thanks i love birthday cake ^_^

BlackWolf said:
A birthday thread already? Could of just left it till monday for a belated birthday

Belated birthdays suck bawls! and so does ur attitude :evil:

Early birthdays are the best :D


Well, I was gonna leave it to as long as possible, but I may as well do it now.

Happy b-day Tachi/Ryo! (Although Ryo may not have such a good one, as I still havent got the order from UP1... sorry!) Suck that I'm working it too...

Ryo Chan

Tachi- said:
Happy birthday fellow 22nd of novemberer :p

I had a very good saturday/early hours of sunday....and relaxed all of sunday :thumb:

sounds the same as me then

and better yet i get to spend the rest of the week off \o/

bad news is, Chaz is watch is watching Higurashi behind me XD