Haibine Renmai - Any good?

Hello everyone

I need your advice.

Is Haibine Renmai worth buying? I can't make my mind up. Is the boxset worth getting?

If anyone has seen it, please let me know your thoughts below.

M.G xx

Laughing Manji

School Idol
Haibane Renmai: one of my favourites.

It *is* artistic, but doesn't use that excuse to make an un-engaging story. The individual characters are easy to warm to and there are some unforgettable classic anime moments here.

There are very few anime that you can directly compare it to, and it deserves to be seen just so that people can tell a difference between high quality anime, and very commercial anime.
Hey everybody...

Just a quick note to all the above- thanks for your comments! I did end up getting the series, and I was really really impressed. I have to agree with Dave Mustaine's review. There IS something incredibly beautiful about this series.

There are no battles, wars, epic storylines, just a simple tale of people living their lives. But somehow it catches all the wonder, happiness, pain and darkness of life. And not many things can do that...

M.G xx