Gurren Lagann english dub trailer+clips

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Vampire Ninja
Found this online earlier,sorry about the bad quality but it's all that is available now.
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Baka Ranger
A good version is on Bandai Entertainment's website.

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It doesn't sound.. epic, yet it doesn't kill my ears. I didn't think they would be able to pull of a top-notch Kamina, everyone else sounds okay. I see they left out "hell" from the famous phrase, as well. Unless, they have variations of it. From the trailer, Its not as good as I expected. I hope they didn't rush it for the Sci-Fi airing.

Also, Pokéball Go! Seemone! o_O


Hmm... So where's this awsome anime that everyone's been going on about then?

Wasn't that a trailer for something found in a turd?

After all the hype and getting my hopes up for something good, I think i'm gonna pass. :?


Baka Ranger
Gurren Lagann is just the newest Shounen hype series, while I did enjoy it, it's nothing amazing.

The dub trailer is pretty damn good though, though every Gurren Lagann sub purist is probably already complaining over at NarutuFan.


Baka Ranger
I just watched the first episode (Streaming over at Sci-Fi) and it was awesome. The dub can only get better. I found it extremely amusing that the end credit visuals was sped up, to make space for more advertising. TV Broadcasts also definately need Sign Subs (and dubbed OP/ED).

First time I've seen in video advertising when streaming a video, apart from one advertisement at the beginning or YouTube's recent pop-ups. I think its a pretty good idea. I mean, If it works like that for TV, why not for the internet.