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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Luna, Jul 7, 2017.

  1. Luna

    Luna Kiznaiver

    I come here via NormanicGrav's blog, whose unboxing posts I had been following for a while. It just somehow all of sudden occured to me to google the "Anime UK News forum" he mentions on his blog. So I wound up here. Being a rather notorious Anime shopper, the Anime Industry section quickly had my interest caught as did the marketplace. The rest is yet to be explored and certainly will be in time~

    As the title indicates, I live and work in Germany. I hope to get in touch with some UK folks here as well. My English is probably AE and BE (and likely more) all jumbled up. Feel free to give me a fistful of correct BE if you spot anything weird! =D
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  3. Rena Ryuugu

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    Welcome to the forums Luna :)
  4. Luna

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    Aye, thanks~
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    Welcome to the forums! :)
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    Hello there and welcome to the forum!
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    Herzlich willkommen, @Luna. :)