Grandblue Fantasy Versus


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As Demelza reviewed the first volume of the manga, it reminded me of Grandblue Fantasy Versus which should be coming out next year. Is anyone excited for this? I'm personally quite into 2D fighters and despite having an arcade stick, I'm still below average at them šŸ˜… As with Dragon Ball Fighterz, this looks quite welcoming to new players, I think Arc Sys do a good job at making popular IPs into accessible games. Hopefully it'll be popular šŸ¤ž


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I'm definitely going to pick it up at some point, I love the look of it. I'm not the biggest fan of 2D fighters (mostly because I'm not very good at them and find it hard to learn them šŸ˜… ) so I might wait for its first discount.

I'm really looking forward to the Granblue Relink game more, as I'm very into Platinum games. I think its still undated tho. :(