Good luck Tomorrow^_^

evangelion rocks

Vampire Ninja
just a thread to wish everyone who's taking a gcse science exam tomorrow good luck! anyone feeling anxious,worried or just ultra confident let your feelings out here!
Spyro201 said:
Art exams in my school tommoro lol
That rocked! 10 hrs of sculpting... I miss those days where figurative modeling was around... Now I just do random-shaped sculptures......
I didn't revise yet i got fairly decent grades including an A in Higher Level maths though i still don't understand how i got that considering my maths teacher was out of school for about 3 months before the exam and they didn't bother to replace him
I got great grades since our study leave was cancelled and we had to go to our classes as normal for revision I got two Bs for Science which I was suprised since I was a bit bad at maths