Good First Episodes


Za Warudo
I have a funny feeling this has already been a topic before so if so please don't hit me, but I thought it might be interesting.

I'm not just talking about good opening episodes that give way to a good series I mean REALLY good first episodes which stand among the best of a series even when it's over. There are plenty of series I love with only so-so first eps, so this is to document the really good'uns.

For starters I think the first episode of Trigun is really brillaint, it sets the tone of the show and is still one of my favourites in terms of its humour and action content.

I think the first episode of Death Note also does a good job of balancing telling the story with enough stuff going on to keep it interesting, something which I feel Code Geass (another similar sow and one of my favourites) does not do, it has a fantastic ending but the opening is pretty much all setting up the story with little really interesting stuff happening)

Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu also has a solid starter ep, though that's less impressive considering that there's not really a continuous storyline throughout the series.
This probably doesn't fit your criteria, as I'd rate the rest of the series just as highly, but R.O.D The TV's opening episode had a climax that blew me away when I first saw it, and I still get a head rush every time I watch it.
R.O.D. The TV seconded. Not just for the climax, but the for the energy and style and sense of fun that pervaded the whole first episode. I was a tad disappointed at how things slowed down after that, though I understood that it was necessary for character development. The show did pick up again around the half-way point and from there it was non-stop awesome all the way through to the end.

Irresponsible Captain Tylor. Never before has a single opening episode made me feel so strongly for a character as Tylor did for Azalyn. To this day she's probably the only character I'm head-over-heels moe for. But that's not all: Tylor himself immediately became a character I wanted to follow wherever he went.

Apparently a lot of people dislike it, but I love the first episode of Berserk. It's so dark and foreboding. Once I realised it actually took place at the end of the series, I knew I had to keep watching to see how things managed to turn out that way.

More later, maybe.


Straw Hat Pirate
From memory I thought the first episode of Toradora was pretty strong, as was the first episode of Spice and Wolf.

Also Ga-Rei Zero, however with that one the rest of the series dissapointed,


Straw Hat Pirate
My best choice would be Texhnolyze, the first episode really impressed me, I thought it was superb. Too bad the second half of the series was a disappointment (at least for my tastes).
Another one is Haruhi Suzumiya (DVD order), I didn't know anything about the show and the first episode really stood out.
Mnemosyne is another good example. I would add also Mushishi, first episode was great and one of the best of the series, but I must say all episodes were at high level.