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After spending some time lurking around the boards and the site, I've finally signed up.

I've enjoyed anime and manga for a long time, but only in the past year has it become my main passion. A year ago I could regularly be found reading novels, but now manga occupies most of my reading time (and anime likewise my viewing time). I'm particularly excited this year with all the high profile UK anime releases - especially Eva Platinum, Trigun and Full Metal Alchemist - and the new manga being Westernized.

I'm also very interested in our little island's lack of anime and manga, considering recent visits to the US and the European mainland have shown me that while the US is full of anime and Western Europe (France in particular) feature manga more prominantly in bookstores than many other genres, we are pretty much limited to the Internet, Borders for manga and a few small shops. And, of course, the current lack of anime on UK TV goes against its rise around the rest of the world.

So, in conclusion, Hi!


Ghost of Animes
Hi! Glad to see we managed to lure you out ;)

Interestingly, reading manga has actually pushed me more into reading novels. I'm just getting through the first book of 'His Dark Materials', excellent stuff.

Most of MVM's 2005 line-up from May onwards is just pure quality; especially FMA and Texhnolyze- two big personal favourites.

And I agree, there is something very interesting about anime in the UK, probably because we all know just how close it is to taking off over here. I'm hoping something like a TV showing of FMA or a successful cinema run for Howl's Moving Castle will trigger it's well overdue explosion.

Rurouni H

Student Council President
You've seen the presentation of French manga, I take it? I love the slip on covers over the Samurai Deeper Kyos that I've seen, it really does put all the Tokyopop stuff to shame. Ah well. Anyway, welcome.

Dark Materials rocks. Although I don't really read novels so much these days, I'm currently hacking through the original Gundam Trilogy...