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I finished watching Gokudo last night and felt this overwhelming need to recommend it to everyone :lol:

Gokudo is an anime packed with fun, stupidity, great characters and laughter! I enjoyed every minute of it and would recommend it for lovers of comedy, or anyone who just needs something light hearted and fun to watch. It's a definite peaceful evening type anime ^_^

If I hadn't of known it was made in 1999, I'd have made a guess at 95 or 96, as it had a much older look to it, like The Slayers or Maze TV, for me though, this added to my enjoyment pleasure, as this kind of animation is my favourite for comedy/adventure types!

The colours were lovely and bright and as the one thing you're not looking for in a comedy is spectacular action/fight scenes, you're not disappointed here, but it was still done very nicely.

The character design was really good and as I said more typical of something 4 or 5 years older. The females were cute and the main male characters were also cute - with the exception of Gokudo and Djinn!!

The op theme was nice and upbeat, as was the 1st ed theme. The 2nd was OK, but nothing to write home about! I can't remember the BGM, so I guess it can't have been that good.
The voice acting was wonderful. You could tell straight away that Akira Ishida was voicing Gokudo (and Justice), as he sounded just like Xellos from The Slayers! but even so, he suited Gokudo's voice perfectly.

There is definitely more than one reference I can make to The Slayers TV series, from the "fireball" magic attacks to the gods and magic world beings and I have to profess to Gokudo reminding me a little of Lina Inverse, but he's definitely a lot more gross, as I can't ever imagine Lina picking her nose and flicking it at someone she doesn't like!!
The similarity to The Slayers is what I enjoyed so much about this anime and it definitely has that same comedy value to it. The storyline itself though, is very different to The Slayers and is split into 5 parts.
The first part introduces the viewer to Gokudo and straight away gives an immediate image in your mind of Gokudo's personality. I think Djinn summed him up perfectly when he said "Gokudo is a lying, cheating, sniveling bastard but I love him" *lol*

Gokudo is joined on his quest (which seems to be nothing more than a search for money and sexy women!) by Djinn the strange genie, Prince; the sexy son of Granny, Rubette; a female version of Gokudo! and Pegasus; who's a pegasus!!
Each of the storylines is separate to the others but all continuing the journey, which concludes very nicely and in a similar vein to The Slayers.
There are some very interesting references to myth and legend, many of which you can place to other anime and the funniest of any of them was the cast of Saiyuki (Legend of the Monkey King!) - I'll never look at Cho Hakkai in the same light again! There's also an appearance by Miroku, but I couldn't get the image of Inuyasha's Miroku out of my head!!

I found the entire 26 episodes to be very entertaining, extremely funny and at times a little serious, but even those short serious moments were turned around and ended up being funny anyway!
If you need cheering up, or just love anything silly, then Gokudo is the perfect choice.

Gokudo is definitely filled to overflowing with wonderful characters and there were some very interesting and original characters too!

Gokudo is what I would call an anti-hero. He's loud mouthed and gross (he picks his nose all the time, but it's very funny when he does. It's usually when he's bored listening to someone). He thinks he's a charmer, but infact most women would run a mile! He's the most selfish and uncooth main character I have ever come across in anime, but his behaviour and personality add so much to the enjoyment of this show.

Djinn is the strange genie Gokudo meets very early on the series. He's a real laugh and adores Gokudo for reasons beyond me!!

Rubette reminds me a little of Lina Inverse as well. She won't open up to her feelings and thinks nothing of punching Prince in the face when he gets fresh. You know she likes Gokudo, but I think I'd have gone for Prince myself ^_^

Prince is a good laugh as well. He's definitely got a Narcissus complex and his only reason for following the others is Rubette.

Granny is the craziest character of all. You never know where she will turn up next, or who she'll be when you meet her again. Gokudo's reactions to her appearance are hilarious.

The characters that appeared in each part of the storyline were all full of life and personality and this really added to the overall enjoyment of the show and when you add the camaraderie between the main characters, you have a receipe for success.

It's the kind of anime I would happily watch again and next time will most likely try out the dub.
If like me, you need something light hearted to watch, something to cheer you up, then you just HAVE to see this one :D


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yep totally agree! i watched this a few months ago and found it very funny and charming. Gokudo dosnt really have a redeming quality about him at all. I loved the way he tryed to porn the magic sword and then be able to call it bak and do it agin lol.

Also whats the deal with the red haired bunny/magic girl. Shes not a character is she??