Goblin Slayer Season 1 Review


Adventuring Alchemist
AUKN Staff
Overall, Goblin Slayer offers a dark fantasy series with plenty of blood and guts flying around. If that’s your cup of tea then you’ll certainly enjoy this one, but failing that, there isn’t a great deal of substance here.

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Completely Average High School Student
I rather enjoyed this series. As I wrote on the IMDb:

"This is a solid action/adventure anime which is shocking at times; notably in the opening episode. It is also fairly gory as goblins of all ages are slaughtered by the eponymous Goblin Slayer and those who fight alongside him. The tone is darker than most series in this genre with the possibility of death very real, even our hero gets seriously hurt at times, and it being quite clear what happens to the goblins' female prisoners. The story progresses well with the level of threat increasing as it progresses without merely feeling like the next level of a video game. Overall I'd definitely recommend this to fans of the genre and look forward to the promised second season."


Completely Average High School Student
I was recommended this series by 2 people. I’d heard about that first episode so held off for a while too. In the end I picked up the manga and really enjoyed it (apart from the events of the first episode, it’s def a bit OTT for shock factor). Since catching up, I’ve watched the series and after I knew what was coming, I quite enjoyed it. I think I prefer the order of the manga series but I get why the anime choose to mix it up. It’s cool that they added content from the spin offs to the series too, that’s a nice touch (especially as I really enjoyed the spin offs).


Death Scythe
Where'd you hear about a second season? I can't find any news about this.

I think people assumed it was happening because of the "Goblin Slayer will return" line at the end or maybe because Funi decided to stick season 1 on the box. All that's been announced so far is the Goblin's Crown Episode?/OVA?/Movie?


Za Warudo
I think people assumed it was happening because of the "Goblin Slayer will return" line at the end or maybe because Funi decided to stick season 1 on the box. All that's been announced so far is the Goblins Crown Episode?/OVA?/Movie?
Yeah all that's been confirmed so far is the Goblin's Crown movie which is likely what that endcard was referring to.


About to read the review, but I myself have no major hang ups on the content of the series, I did kind of like the premise, there are parts of the series I did like but it's like half the series fell flat.

It has good stuff like the D&D concepts but the slower episodes/scenes seem really dull, part of that is the slayer himself, who is completely anti social and barely interacts with any characters around him

I admit I did have a bit of schadenfreude from the reaction the first episode got, but I do agree it should come with a warning, the other problem with the first episode though is that it puts shock factor out so much that nearly everything else is just reaffirming what the goblins do, turning them into quite a lazy caricature between beasts and moustache twirling villains

Even in one fight that I really like, the elf girl seems to get off easy, nothing really happens to her but everyone else is running off 0 hp

Biggest problem with the series for me is a poor effort to be shocking can make much of the rest of the series dull


Za Warudo
This is exactly the reason I assumed there would be more.
Yeah I can see why you'd say that but it's very likely just referring to the movie. At least it's not as bad as Drifters which explicitly announced a second season before continuing the story as an OVA series. Goblin Slayer has made no such promises.
Would still love to see a season two but I wouldn't assume anything at this point.


Grav's End Harem
AUKN Staff
There's plenty of content to adapt (I believe the anime only covered the first light novel volume) but it comes down to whether or not White Fox has the time to provide a second season after the Goblin's Crown OVA Special (due February 2020). White Fox so far has Re:ZERO Season 2 (which is likely to cover 2 cour) and Arifureta Season 2 (with studio Asread since the two are animating it together after the former botched it during production).


I would guess if they do want to announce season 2 it would be after the film has made the rounds, at a time they might only have 1 other project. Remember the AoT pause, where Wit went nearly 4 years without saying a thing about Titan, pretty much anyone else can do it too