Glasgow Anime is (Not) Dead.

Professor Irony


By virtue of having been the only one daft enough to agree to it, the once thriving Glasgow Anime group was placed in my care roughly 18 months ago and, since then, I have done virtually nothing with or for it.

I may have left it too late, but I intend to have one last go at breathing life into the group.

At its peak, Glasgow Anime was a highly active meetup group for likeminded people across south-west Scotland, running its own forum with representation from the various university clubs and local conventions. All that really persists now, however, is the Facebook group, which has close to 500 members, but lies largely dormant. People still join this, but quickly lose interest when they see the lack of activity. I feel a bit sorry for them, however, as anyone looking for a local club, but not affliated to a university is then left at a loss.

My short term plan is to try setting up a discord server, in the hope that people might use that, rather than facebook, to generally chat to one another, and hopefully reestablish some kind of local community. If this is successful, and responsible bodies can be found amongst its potential membership, offline meets may then recommence. I would like to see some proof of life, however, before I try setting up the Discord - at the moment, I'm looking for at least six people to register their interest, then I'll start putting things in motion.

This is a bit of a pipe dream, for sure, but the success in recent years of the Big Glasgow Comic Page does lead me to believe that the desire for an anime-oriented version, however much smaller by comparison, still exists.

So please, if you live in Glasgow, the surrounding area, or south west Scotland and are interested in supporting a local weeb group (or know someone who does), do consider joining the facebook group for now, even just until the discord is up and running. Who knows, perhaps it might even be fun?

Glasgow Anime Facebook Page

Art by Zombie Pacman.


I don't use Facebook, but Discord... if you create one, I'll definitely join. I'm an owner of a large gaming server, so if you need a hand, feel free to ask anything.
I only found this page through Google, so I likely won't respond to any messages here. Instead, message me through Discord. My tag is Sharp#5147.

Honestly, I really hope this happens. I've been wanting a local anime server for around a year, and was almost going to create my own. Surprised to find this thread being posted so recently. Please get in touch!