Giant Robots and the like...

Rurouni H

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Ok, time for a L33t introduction...

My name is Harry, or H, whichever sounds best. Compared to some I'm an anime newbie, having been into anime only 5 years. I'm a big fan of mecha series, Gundam Seed and G Gundam being my current favourites, although I'll have to put some time into watching Macross Zero as soon as I upgrade my long suffering, aging computer.

Other than that, there's not one heck of a lot else, apart from the fact that I'll probably post veeeerrrryyy little on this forum (I get lazy really quick). Still, its good to be here.

That wasn't very l33t... ah well, back to MegaTokyo!


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Welcome to the forums Harry!

Hope you do stick around and post :) and I seriously recommend you upgrade your PC soon as Macross Zero is really awesome, the CGI and traditional art blend is like nothing else.

PS. MegaTokyo rocks! Fred’s an amazing artist.


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Welcome to forums mate. Fan of Rurouni Kenshin by any chance? I really enjoyed the series but the OAVs were just outstanding. Trust and Betrayal definently reside in my top 10 of all time.

Rurouni H

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Yes, I'm a Kenshin fan, although I preferred the series to the OAVs. More lighthearted. Trust and Betrayal were still very cool though.

Macross Zero is on my list of fansubs to watch, although the one I'm really looking foward to right now is Gundam Seed Destiny. The series looks AMAZING (I can't get the theme song "Ignite" out of my head).

Mecha series ownz j00!!

....Or maybe its all a matter of taste. Meh.