Ghost in the Shell: Innocence


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Finally got round to watching this film and it blew me away: jaw-dropping animation, well-paced and varied plot and another sublime soundtrack from Kenji Kawai. Yeah, I suppose you could say I enjoyed it..

Any thoughts / UK release info much appreciated :)


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I liked Innocence enough to want to watch it again. The animation, atmosphere and soundtrack are amazing, though I have to admit the story left me feeling confused and lost. I like a challenge though, and since this film is a pure work of art, I'm willing to re-watch and try to think harder about what it all means.

Apparently, there is a bidding war going on for the UK DVD rights to Innocence. I'm hoping for a release by winter '05.


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it would definitely make a good Christmas release. the Neo review for it was a bit lukewarm if i remember correctly, but i managed to overlook the shortcomings of the original so i think i'll be impressed by this as well.


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I'd certainly buy it despite the Neo review , purely so I had both GiTS films more than anything. A Christmas release would be good.


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The animation without a doubt will be the reason I'll see this at least once. Like the final fantasy movie, it doesn't matter if the story sucks because the visuals are so spectacular... will the story suck? Not as hard as FF i'm sure, but I felt that the original GitS was a little pretentious and it really didn't interest me. Plus the wholly unnecessary nudity thing really put me off last time around. If the female characters don't take their clothes off for absolutely no reason and they don't spend a sizeable part of the movie trying to be deeply profound then I may actually watch it more than once or twice... I'm sure i'll buy it like the chump I am anyway ^^


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Well I just hope the UK release is better than the current US one, this movie deserves a lot better.

it doesn't matter if the story sucks because the visuals are so spectacular
the story certainly doesn't suck :wink:
the wholly unnecessary nudity thing really put me off last time around
don't worry, no scandalous nude robots to scare you away this time..


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necromancer_1983 said:
I saw Innocence a couple of months ago and really enjoyed it. I liked how the story is more from Batou's point of view than Matoko's.

I saw the japanese version about 4 months ago. I RREEALLLYYY would love it if it got released over here soon.

Has anyone played the Stand Alone Complex game yet?


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I watched this a few months ago, and to be honest it kinda went over my head. In saying that tho I was very, very drunk and as such my perseption of the whole thing may be slightly askew. :oops:

Think I'll have to give it another pop when in a better frame of mind, as I've read sooo many positive things about it that were more or less lost on me during my first viewing. :D

I do agree however that the animation and general style of the whole thing was quite superb. I can't say that I payed too much attention to the audio aspect of things but I certainly will upon my second viewing.


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I believe it was reported a while ago Manga Ent. and Madman are producing a dub for its R2 Uk and R4 release, using the GITS:SAC cast , although I could be wrong on this ;) .

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Sounds cool if its true, the SAC dub was really well-done. But what about the timeline of the films, is Innoncence set after Stand Alone Complex? And like wise is the original film set before?

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Thanks for clearing that up. I'd sort of guessed that the series was 'stand-alone' and the films were slightly different, with more of the complex philosophical musings.


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Hmm, going back a few months, think I saw this in June.

Very good film, better than all of the other animes so far. Shame it won't come out in the UK, but I've got the US version so who cares?