Getting back into manga


Vampire Ninja
Hi all,

As I've gotten myself back into anime now after a hiatus, I want to get back into Manga too.
A few series I have already decided on getting (or rebuying) are Claymore, FMA, Rurouni kenshin, Berserk, HotD, .

Could anyone post suggestions / opinions on the following I'm looking at? I'm not a big fan of the shounen series really (Bleach, Naruto, Fairy Tail)
Also, if you have any further recommendations? I'm a huge fantasy / sword and sorcery fan.

Assassination Classroom
Terra Formars
Knights of Sidonia (compared to anime, which I thought was good)
Attack on Titan (Anime was okay, how's the manga?)
Vinland Saga
Sacred Blacksmith
Ubel Blatt
Log Horizon
Sword Art Online (does this series go OTT with girls and romance like the anime?)
Mobile Gundam: The Origin (is the anime supposed to be a recreation of the manga as I've already got that ordered)

Thanks everyone!


Magical Girl
Not read the Manga yet but would recommend the Seven deadly sins(Seen the anime) also fits in with the fantasy / sword and sorcery and of course Ill recommend Air gear as its my Favorite Anime/Manga

st_owly (witch)

Blue Exorcist is a really good fantasy/sword and sorcery series. Dunno if you've seen the anime, but the manga is really good too. Tegami Bachi is a really interesting fantasy series as well. Hardly anyone seems to read it, but it's one of my favourite shonen series at the moment.

Vinland Saga is meant to be amazing. I've not met anyone who didn't love it. It's on my to buy list but because it's hardcover it's a little more expensive than other releases.
Gundam the Origin is generally spoken of highly too, although it's not my sort of thing. Vertical's release is lovely too.

On the more shojo side, you might enjoy Fushigi Yuugi and its prequel Genbu Kaiden. It's a fantasy romance set in a mythical version of Ancient China, but there's plenty of swords and magic as well.


Mad Scientist
I can't recommend Gundam: The Origin enough - the books are of a ridiculously high quality - you'll just want to stroke the cover/sniff the pages when you first get it, they're that good. Yes, it's pretty pricey to get all the volumes and they take up a lot of shelf space, but imo they're worth it, and a great entry point into Gundam too. The art style is properly old-school too, but in a very effortless, timeless way.

I believe the anime is more of a prequel to the point the manga starts / is sourced from flashback elements that occur a few volumes into the series.

I'd definitely recommend the Knights of Sidonia manga too.

Other recommendations from me:

It is a shonen series, but if you fancy trying something a little darker and better drawn than the usual Jump fare, Seraph of the End is well worth a shout. I really enjoyed it anyway.

Arpeggio of Blue Steel is really good if you're into battleships/cute girls and want something more serious than Kancolle - although the anime is much better looking than the manga.

The Attack on Titan manga is enjoyable enough - a lot of people don't like how rough the art style is, but I kind of like it. The pacing is faster in the manga than the anime, if I remember correctly.

If you don't mind ecchi stuff, Monster Musume and From The New World are worth a look too - the latter is pretty 'different' from the anime version, to say the least...


Pokémon Master
As ever I'll take the opportunity to recommend Lucifer and the Biscuit Hammer. It's an absolute gem of a series that's simultaneously hilarious and heartfelt. Seven Seas are bringing out the volumes at the moment, but the entire thing is on Crunchyroll Manga at the moment. I'd also recommend Spirit Circle from the same author, a very interesting take on the theme of reincarnation which is also on CR manga.


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Out of the Series you've listed I've read Volume 0 of Ubel Blatt and thought it was pretty good. I don't know if the rest of the Manga's the same though so take this with a pinch of salt.
I haven't read it myself but a friend of mine keeps recommending Vinland Saga to me so I'd assume it's a good series.
I don't know if you've read it or not but the Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind Manga is very good.


Vampire Ninja
Wow, thanks for all the super quick responses!

I think I'll prioritize Gundam and Vindland Saga. Seraph of the End looks great too.

Severn Deadly Sins art looks a bit "too happy" to me. Absolutely nothing wrong with that, I much prefer gritty and dark lines in my artwork. Will check it out though as it's on Crunchyroll.


Vampire Ninja

I have placed my first manga order in over 3 years!
I got:

Vinland Saga 1
Ubel Blatt 1
Gundam: The Origin 1
Jojo's 1
Assassination Classroom 1
Seraph of the End 1
Wolfsmund 1

I think I may wait on Berserk as I'm hoping for Omnibuses on that as it's daunting to start collecting 33 volumes.
I like Viz are doing lots of 3-in-1's too as they make catching up cheap (Going to get X, FMA)