Get ready for IMAF 2005

IMAF 2005

To all Manga & Anime Fanatics!

We would like to introduce you to IMAF 05 (International Manga and Anime Festival), which is kicking off in London on the 21st October for 5 days devoted to all things Manga and Anime related; offering visitors everything from exclusive film screenings, work shops, body painting, talks, trade sections, cosplays, a drawing studio, performances and a chance to meet professional animators* . The event follows up on a very popular and successful IMAF 2004 and we hope to make IMAF 05 bigger and better.

The main objective of the event is to find new, original and talented animators through a drawing/animation competition, currently open for entries in a total of 10 subject areas with an amazing prize fund of $75,000 on offer. Entries will be accepted from anyone from beginners through to professionals and the deadline for entries is in September 2005. We also hope to display all entries throughout the event with a professional judging panel deciding on the final winners.

You can see last years’ winners on however we are currently updating the site to include IMAF 2005 information, so please keep checking back for further information on this years’ competition!

This is a great scoop for you new, aspiring animators and professionals to get your work “out thereâ€


Pokémon Master
That sounds pretty interesting, i really enjoy character design so it might be fun trying that myself, it's certainly a good opportunity for any aspiring anime or manga artist, and it sounds like a good day out too.
I will have a look to see what the winners of last year look like when the website is back up


Death Scythe
it sounds like a great event but makes the mistake that so many large events make: it's situated in London, which makes it difficult for anyone outside of the SE of England to get to.

Sushi Ice-Cream

Completely Average High School Student
Pounds or Dollars?

Character Designs? *eyes sparkle* My specialty! I wanna go!!! :D But why is the prize money in dollars?...

Unit 0

Magical Girl
Sounds good but its really wierd that a festival rep registered onto the forum just to advertise it, still i guess the advertising has worked cuz it makes me want to go.


Stand User
coz i was on the london expo message board and i linked to this site so the people who own the other sites must have followed the link soz


Stand User
Iw ould of though that if someone was running a anime con they would have checked the net for fansites anyway. they need to get as many of us to and the best way to do that is just tell the fans (there buyers) about it.


Stand User
They signed up after you becuase the event is coming up soon so they are let people know about it if they didnt know already.

Edit: They are also alot of members of this froum that have posted links and plug the website to other places to.


Ghost of Animes
It's no problem anyway. I'm happy for people to sign up, plug and even discuss conventions, events and websites in here; after all that's the idea behind this forum :) No one is in the wrong, so don't worry!


It looks cool! But weren't (we) planning to go to the one on the 30th? o_O
****. I hate complications. And Although i like drawing, i find it hard thinking up characters. I wonder what it means by *body painting* hrhr
Still... Oh I'm confused now!


I'm gonna get a plain tshirt and convert it into a sailor suite top, so if me and my friends are going to both events then I can just wear that to one of them.