German Pocky hits the uk?


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Went into Tesco today and found this. From what I'm told it is the German version of Pocky officially released by Glico. Did I miss something or did the UK just get Pocky? :eek:


Combat Butler
Yeah, this was available at least 10 years ago in most supermarkets. I guess they just recently went the Oreo route and just pretended they're totally new.


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My dad actually picked some of these up for me the other day.
When I used to buy Pocky quite regularly he said they used to sell something like Pocky over here called Mikado. Looks like they're selling them again.

After trying them I actually prefer them to the regular Pocky. There's definately a difference in the taste of the chocolate.


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There is a shop at the town by me that actually sells Pocky so I just buy myself some normally when I go up town :thumb:


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I always get my supply up at my local Asian supermarket, which has it for really cheap compared to what I've paid at cons and the likes (to butch-cassidy, on Ormeau Road, just past University Street, just in case you haven't been), along with loads of other great Japanese snacks (mmmm, mochi).


Dandy Guy, in Space
I noticed it just a couple of days in a shop in the next village. According to back of the box is it made by, or for, Kraft but as to where it is made it only says "the EU". On the side of the box it say that it made under licence from Ezaki Gilco which is the company that makes Pocky. So this must Pocky for the British, or European, market under a different name. I think the chocolate tastes better.

Will-O'-The-Wisp said:
It's been in the UK for awhile now. From what I remember, it might've been Korean.
The first Pocky-like product I was able to find - it was in a shop that specilaised in Chinese and East Asian gifts and foods - was something called Pepero which was Korean.


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Plain pocky is not something I can get excited over. It has to be the mild chocolate almond crush at the very least.

My absolute favourite flavour (banana semi-sucrée decorer) was discontinued several years ago. It makes me sad.


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I'm actually kind of ashamed to ask this but: What the 'ell is Pocky anyway?
How is it pronouned?

I've heard of it of course, but I'm still in the dark as to what it is.

I wallow in my shame... :oops:


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I remember buying Pocky with my Girlfriend at the expo last year. Whilst she liked it, I didn't like it that much. It's not of the tasty kind for me to eat more of that stuff.

It still tasted the same when I brought it out of the fridge a month later. But I chucked it in the bin.

Pocky is overrated imo. Now I'm dreading if Raamen is overrated as I always like the look of it.

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My sister got some of these the other day and they aren't to bad. Now if someone brings ampan/anpan over here then i may take more interest. They must have mixed nicotine into those rolls or something.