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I was not a fan of the Midnight episode, I know it was a tale of what fear is and how we can be bigger monsters but I just didn't like it. I prefer my Who doing what it did in the past and still does well today...Throwing the doctor at an alien threat and watching the results :)

Speaking of which, finally got round to watching Asylum of the Daleks last night, and I think the new assistant will fit in well with Matt Smith's doctor, though I'm wondering how they'll bring her in now that they've already introduced her as another character (I know they did that already with Martha and her 'cousin' but doing it again would be hard to believe). Still unsure of who she played though in Captain America.

As for Amy mind, I don't think the revelation about her defines her, I just think it was an element of her. But I do believe that her character arc is finished. I can't see what's left for her character to do. Though Rory's character has come on in leaps and bounds. He's easily one of my favourite assistants now. Will be sad to see him bow out with Amy in four eps time :(


BlackWolf said:
Still unsure of who she played though in Captain America.
She was his girlfriend.


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Ok, I've been finding myself watching the first episode to each AMC show. Already done both Breaking Bad and Mad Men and I'm just wondering what other AMC shows should I be watching and is the shows name alliterate and do they all last an hour long?


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I've been pretty gripped by House of Cards (the new Kevin Spacey version) as of late. I was initially sceptical that I would enjoy an american political drama, as I've never had much time of day for Westwing, but this is really top quality. Kevin Spacey plays the role of the suave nihilistic congressman brilliantly. Don't wait for this to come on TV, sign up for a free month on Netflix and you can binge on the entire series! I've still got a couple eps left to watch.


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Doctor Who is back this Saturday, 30/03/2013.

It lists as 1/8 so the remaining episodes from last year when we had the huge number of 5 plus the Christmas special.

Kicking off the 50th anniversary year.


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I just watched the 7th episode of the 2nd season of Nikita. I'm really liking this show more than I thought I would. Then again, I tend to like most things I watch more than I think I would.

Apart from the above, the current shows I watch are:

The Walking Dead (wow, the penultimate episode of the current season is really good!)
Lost Girl (I like the use of lore/mythology in this one, kind of like Supernatural)
HIMYM (I liked this a lot at first, but now only watch it to finally finish it)
Blue Bloods (great cop show, because it has so many different character relationship dynamics and perspectives - like two cop duos, a police commissioner, and a district attorney)
Modern Family (enjoy this show quite a bit; it started dragging a little in the 2nd season, IMHO, but it's now back on form)
Raising Hope (I'm liking this, and started watching it after I finished watching My Name is Earl)

I've tried watching Breaking Bad. I've heard SO MANY good things about it, but I got up to the second episode and felt no urge to continue watching. Later on, down the line, I will come back to try again.


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I am really enjoying Elementary. I've watched the first twelve episodes and one thing is certain: Jonny Lee Miller is one hell of a good Sherlock Holmes. His Holmes is a brilliant mind, and is something of a dick about it. I really look forward to seeing where this is all going.


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So I watched Vicious and found it was actually funny. Daily Mail's going to be up in arms about the rape joke (probably) but the rest of it was actually alright.

That theme tune has to go though, I will not stand idly by while the Communards continue to get work! I don't know if it actually was the Communards or how I know about the Communards but someone has to draw the line somewhere.


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I bought and watched the first season of Game of Thrones. It was good :eek:

Going to get the second season tomorrow...


Started watching Hannibal recently. Turned out to be a surprisingly interesting take with more focus on the psychology of the investigators than on Hannibal himself, quelling my fears it would take too many notes from a series like Dexter. Hannibal is kept in the background, a silent, calm, calculated threat that keeps building with each episode. Deeply dark and disturbing but grounded enough that when some more theatrical/fantastical elements crop up I'll let it slide and just go with it. All around great performances with no characters acting like incompetent idiots. I just hope NBC decides to renew it for a second season, it'd be a shame to lose it so soon.


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I have a thing for period dramas and tv shows based in the past/alternate worlds sort of thing. Like I adored Xena and Hercules as a child, loved the Spartacus series, LOVE Game Of Thrones so now I'm going to start watching The Tudors too. I got it for my Birthday.

If I like it I will probably look into The Borgias as that's on my list too.


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Anyone else watched Season 4 of Arrested Development?

Quite frankly, I loved it. The original series' were things of absolute perfection and there was always that nagging feeling that it may not live up to it, but I think it really did.

The format of each episode being single character centric was quite a departure from the ensemble that was the original series, and I, like many, was initially wary going into it about this. But I think it suited it quite well, it was great to see how all the stories intertwined and came together. The self references to both the past series and this new one was classic AD stuff. I'm hoping that Netflix manage to put it out on DVD so I can have alonngside the rest of the show and watch and rewatch, picking up on more things each time.

I'd be quite happy if the show ended here, much like the original there's plenty of stuff left unanswered/unexplored, but it's the type of ending that really suits it. I don't think a film would really work that well, and would probably flop financially, but if they had, had, had to do more then I'd like to see maybe another series on Netflix, even just 6 episodes or something, but possibly bring back the ensemble aspect to it.