G.I. Joe on Anime Central.


Dandy Guy, in Space
Recieved an Email from Anime Central and they're repeating Ghost in the Shell 2nd Gig on the 16th, but also planning to show G.I. Joe on 26th.

On Saturday 16th February we’ll be offering you the chance to reacquaint yourself with the awesome Ghost in the Shell: 2nd Gig, while Tuesday 26th February marks the return of a classic animated series from our youth, the awesome GI Joe.

Not sure what to think of this, i've never seen G.I. Joe and not really looking forward to it.

That Man

Student Council President
:? Go Joe!!?? Yeah I think not. Although I liked watching this back when it first came out I doubt it will have the same impact on me now (Although still like that music at the start of the film :) ) Wonder what they must be thinking to put this on as unless they know something I don't its not anime? Surely they have better shows they can put on that are actually anime?


You'd think that if they were so desperate that they needed a slot filler, they'd get something like Dragonball Z or something.

OK so it's not the best series in the world, but at least it's anime, and there are a couple of hundred episodes, so they wouldn't have to worry about repeating it for a while.


Baka Ranger
I like their choice of words when they say they're repeating GitS instead of "We're airing GitS again, but not FMA for the millionth time, enjoy your re-runs. Bye."


Dragon Knight
It does sort of sound as though they are trying to fill a slot with something they have not already shown, until something else comes along. Maybe they have had trouble getting replacement series with some of the uncertanty surrounding the industry recently.

At the moment I am only watching the channel for Gundam Seed and my interest in that is waning as I am not really a Gundam fan.


Great Teacher
Well, here's to more Cobra chopper pilots and their automatic life saving parachutes.

Health & Safety should really requisition those things for everyone.


How I wish that e-mail is spam-mail... G.I. Joe on AC is just another common slap to the otaku society. Seems to happen a lot though.


Brigade Leader
Well, it's good news that AC is showing animation from outside Japan. A channel devoted to adult animation from across the world would have been much better than a channel arbitrarily focusing on cartoons from Japan.

On the bad side... GI Joe? Out of all the animation available, they picked GI Joe?

Ryo Chan

just to cheer you up even more

every single show is a repeat too

the current schedule is

9:30 Cowboy Bebop
10:00 Vision of Escaflowne
10:30 Wolf's Rain
11:00 .hack//SIGN
11:30 Ghost in the Shell 2nd GIG

with i asume G I Joe slotting in at 9:00


Thousand Master
Last time I checked G.I. Joe was a U.S. cartoon where various servicemen lectured children on the dangers of fire/electricity/alcohol etc. But this is the first I've heard of Gonzo making an new one. :?

EDIT: Got this from anime news network:
'G.I. Joe Sigma Six (U.S. TV)'

'Plot Summary: The battle between America's elite military force against the ruthless and power hungry terrorist organization COBRA enters a new chapter. A new covert team of Joes, SIGMA 6, has been created to hunt down COBRA and stop each and every one of their insidious plots for world domination.'

:roll: Still can't say I'm interested.


If it's GI Joe as in the old cartoon, it's an utter slap in the face from Anime Central (however, this does keep in turn with the fact that absolutely no comapany whatsoever can keep thier **** in order when airing anime in the uk)

If it's the Gonzo nonsence, 1, it's Gonzo so it's a slap in the face and 2, it's 4kids which is a falcon punch to the face.

I meen god, if they were going to put on 4kids stuff as filler articales, I woun't mind seeing Mankin get another shot or somthin'
F-zero would be kinda cool, too, I guess.


It is the GONZO one Conan-san.

Just so everyone else knows, GI Joe: Sigma 6 is one of those "anime stylized" US cartoons like Avatar or Teen Titans so it won't look totally out of place on AC. Still, wouldn't have a Transformers series made a bit more sense to show?


...oh dear. Someone got your 4kids in my Gonzo. That's quite the broken glass on moldy bread sandwich we have there.

I meen we could of gotten gaogaigar sub only or som'in'.
I'm sure Media Blasters would of loved to have made something from that show other than fifty of my Brittish pounds (as I seemed to be the only one who actauly, you know, supported that release)


Dandy Guy, in Space
Conan-san said:
...oh dear. Someone got your 4kids in my Gonzo. That's quite the broken glass on moldy bread sandwich we have there.

All 4Kids ever did to the show was do the ADR work(Voice Recording), as the rest of the production was done by Hasbro and Gonzo.