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Discussion in 'Anime Industry Discussion' started by NormanicGrav, Nov 15, 2016.

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  3. NormanicGrav

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    I personally think UKAN may be overreacting a little bit on this front. Shomin Sample clearly has demand from what I've seen and the whole Funimation UK line-up is a mess at the moment. In theory all of these titles should have been sorted months ago (aside from special sets like Overlord) and I'm glad Universal is handing some Funimation titles because right now it's a disaster.

    Shomin Sample is also licensed under Showgate (aka Hakuhoko by MAP) so it should just be the Blu-ray being released for the UK. Andrew also said on Twitter that he'll respond to this situation soon.
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  4. sideways

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    hopefully not, been holding off getting for cheaper price, maybe like No-Rin it will have a bluray only release, but if not always the importing option
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    Sadly, it's DVD-only in Australia, and Region A only in the US.
  6. Watanabe Ken

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    I totally agree the constant delays By Anime Limited definitely don't help with sales Universal taking over is a godsend.
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  7. Jon O Fun

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    Dang it. Hope this isn't true as I genuinely enjoyed Shomin Sample. It's a fun entertaining show.

    I don't think Universal taking over is what I'd call a 'godsend' maybe for big shows like Academia as I quite liked their Seraph sets but as has been said from the day AL opened their doors; not all shows need a super duper collectors edition... releasing Funi's titles is a good balance to all their CE and I hope it continues :)
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  8. Jaysgba

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    The problem is that they take too long to release them. I think what we're hoping for is Universal to distribute standards for Funimation UK, and AL just license the titles from Funi they think deserve a CE.
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  9. anime_andrew

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    Soon as I can anyway there and to be fair - if you assume the Universal story is true (which hasn't been talked about officially by any party, especially not me) then you could also probably assume there's a lot of balancing to make sure things are as good as they can be for everyone :).

    That said, Shomin Sample is a Hakuhodo title too so Blu-Ray only is essential and as we went through hell with making that switch on No-Rin I made the call to cull the release listing for now until it's clear how long that release will take as opposed to stringing people along with new dates that may not be accurate in the end. Either way it's not been cancelled though so rest assured it should come out from someone in the UK still, sorry for any scares caused! That's a preview from the upcoming newswire :).

    Re the disaster bit - pretty sure what we've done recently is just get stuff out the door again so the most messy part is mostly over now really on that frontier. Fair enough to date it's not been great though but ironically that issue isn't as prevalent now really I'd say - could be forgetting a tonne of stuff as writing this quickly!


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  10. anime_andrew

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    In fairness, we did shoot ourselves in the foot there with the initial wave that were listed way too early and weren't actually out on time (some still aren't there of course too). So totally get that point, pretty much turned that around now though and we remain release listing adverse until good to go on stuff regardless of the downsides to that too :).

    As for just CE stuff, given we're basically at balance point on managing the standards, either works at this stage but totally get where you're coming from on that frontier.

    Just throwing in there - shockingly agreeing for once about something!

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  11. NormanicGrav

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    Cheers for the response, at least the Shomin Sample stuff is resolved. I'm in no rush to wait personally (heck the Blu-ray only pricing helps), but it's just strange to see them take longer than the usual. Beggers can't be choosers I suppose.

    A few additional notes if I may ask:
    • Let the fans know the result of Prison School once the BBFC handle it, many have felt it's a potential victim of getting cut due to it's lewdness (meanwhile MVM have Monster Musume to see if that escapes uncut as well).
    • Also, it's best to clarify what's going on with Assassination Classroom Season 2 as well, there won't be any special sort of release for that show in North America.
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  12. IncendiaryLemon

    IncendiaryLemon Captain Karen AUKN Staff

    Is there any reason why anyone can't yet? Like it or not, the BBFC have disclosed the information now, so it's not exactly a secret anymore, so there's no reason to hide it. Even if they weren't going to announce it until later, they might as well now.
  13. ConanThe3rd

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    Ya know I really don't care who gets Funi's catalouge out, be it MVM, Manga, Kaze, AUKN or Universal (all of whom have pawed at Funi's catalogue throughout the ages to varying degrees of success), at this point out is out and every day wasted is sales lost ether Grey or Black markets.
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  14. anime_andrew

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    On the subject of Shomin-Sample - remember No-Rin? Was a similar problem behind the scenes when DVD was removed and delivery of a new BDCMF took forever to do for reasons that escape everyone involved so I took the course of caution for now. Especially if you believe the rumours about Universal :).

    Re Prison School - If Shimonetta complete with quite frankly distasteful scenes that feature what I'd have classified as rape in it passes through with an 18 and no cuts under fetish content then I think you have nothing to worry about when it comes to Prison School as it doesn't feature obvious minors etc. Likely given some of the content (particularly the more extreme moments in the eyes of the BBFC) I'd say it'll get the same rating and similar labels though.

    Assassination Classroom S2 - Taking a bit longer to do as we're making a Collector's to go with Season 1 to complement what you had before (S2 as a standard didn't make sense to us with S1 having one). So that takes a bit longer as the US didn't do one so we have to get all the JP assets, design, then approve afresh.


  15. IncendiaryLemon

    IncendiaryLemon Captain Karen AUKN Staff

    Out of interest, is this why you haven't licenced later Illya seasons?
  16. sniper_samurai

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    Illya 2wei onwards would be a no go without cuts under bbfc rules due to Kuro.
  17. crashmatt

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    We would really do with an update of what Funimation intend of bringing over here. I'm particularly worried that historic titles such as Lodoss and Gosick will not come over here. I'd love to buy UK versions but may end up importing which I'd rather not do. Its surely on Funimation's interest to provide more release information.
  18. Shiroi Hane

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    I've seen Andrew confirm that somewhere already, yes.
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  19. Jon O Fun

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    Cancellation email for Shomin Sample from Amazon... were they the last hold out on it :(
  20. Jaysgba

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    I'm gonna give Anime Limited and Universal a couple months to relist a UK release before I give in and import the US release.