FUNimation pick up Kuroshitsuji


Straw Hat Pirate
For those who don't know already.

In the midst of the exciting UK anime release news of recent days, yesterday saw North American distributor FUNimation announce a new license of their own.

The series in question is Kuroshitsuji, a show which recently announced that a second season will broadcast in Japan later this year, and of which the first season has now been snapped up under the English title of Black Butler.

This twenty-four episode series with a supernatural bent follows Ciel Phantomhive, the young head of a family of nobles and his demon butler named Sebastian.

There's no news on either a North American DVD release or any kind streaming treatment for the series at the time of writing, aside from an assertion that the show will be released later this year.

From UK Anime


Comic Book Guy
Ilmeastro - sometimes I think you're just here to argue with me.

And other times I really like your style ;)


Straw Hat Pirate
Mmmm, I watched the online thing where they announced it. I then proceeded to look it up because I had no idea what it was. Looks like it could be quite good. Maybe.


Za Warudo
Sweeeet I've wanted to check out this series for a while now, but I'm always reluctant to watch series I can't buy in case I really love them (it just hurts to much :'( )