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I noticed the retail price points are slightly more than usual.

£49.99 SRP for Tenchi Muyo! War on Geminar. In the US, it's Classics release is $49.98 SRP [~£36].

£49.99 SRP for Toilet-bound Hanako-kun. Previous 10-13 ep shows released by Manga were usually £39.99 SRP max.
as much as i complained about manga, can we have them back please

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If I remember correctly each ep of War on Geminar is 45mins ish so "technically" its a 26ep series which is probably why they've priced it higher.
That said the US region free classics version is £33 on WowHD... just saying...
I'll get the UK release when it drops to £30 - 35 is as I want to support the UK industry (regardless of how often the shoot themselves in the foot)


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I imagine it's been too long but I would love to see Pokémon Indigo Season 2 happen one day, was able to nab a copy of Season 1 for £20 on amazon which got me thinking about it

Also I wonder if we'll get a Dragon Ball Kai collection at some point with Z's BD releases wrapping up? Unless they're going to do a Z collection


I will joke Given will now get a blu Ray release not in the UK ofc. It’s a bad day outside streaming (unless they pull CR then we are all cursed with the awful player that took 2 hrs to launch Magia Record on Saturday) UK BD market is screwed because Manga take zero risks.

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Well, giant monopoly and likely limited amounts of releases of stuff since Funimation trashed any deals last time so only they can release their stuff, whether they plan to or not.


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Very weird considering how recent Crunchyroll's partnerships with Viz and Sentai were. Even if Anime Limited entered a partnership it'd be such an awkward time to announce it lol


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Well then I wonder if I'll hear the seven seas calling for me in a few months. I can already guess the implications of this monopoly for non-USA western countries both streaming and home video wise. Nobody is going to win here except Sony.

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The two brands you know and love will be working together, and we believe this is a great thing for fans and the industry, alike! Both teams are knowledgeable, passionate, and have been committed to the anime community for decades. We couldn’t ask for better partners.

I think we all know the Crunchyroll name and branding will almost definitely get ditched within the next year or two, so I'm not sure why they're even bothering with this "uwu we're besties now" routine 😅

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Our goal is to create a unified anime subscription experience as soon as possible.
Sounds like the two services are going to merge somehow. Wonder what impact this will have on the UK market.


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Yeah, this sucks. There are still nice surprises in the UK anime market sometimes (like at least in my opinion Real Girl and the recent announcement of Aria the Animation by MVM which I've already pre-ordered), but I've noticed things have been looking pretty dim of late and this is likely to be part of the reason for that. I really hope we will get more licenses of the cream of the crop from Discotek and Right Stuf/Nozomi such as Honey and Clover and Victorian Romance Emma at least. I have lots of issues with Manga/Funi UK but one of the biggest is that they don't generally do physical releases of shoujo (unless it's the Fruits Basket reboot) or josei series (also as noted above it is unlikely we will get the likes of Sarazanmai or Given from them either). Pretty bummed out tbh.

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Help needed.

Kicking myself for not having pre-ordered the k-on set. Was gonna do it today on anime on line, but they're out of stock. In fact, all the usual suspects are. Does anyone know where I could buy it, considering delivery is in the EU?

Hmv has stock, but they don't ship outside the UK. I've checked ebay, but it's already sold at a premium and shipping is robbery, simply put. I think I'm out of luck 🤔