Funimation license Witchblade


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According to AnimeOnDVD Funimation have the distribution rights to action series Witchblade, one of the latest anime from Studio GONZO (Last Exile, Samurai 7).

MVM have released several of Funimation's titles in the UK (Fruits Basket, Burst Angel) so a release here may be on the cards.


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Mildly disturbing character designs aside the first episode of this was the first GONZO anime for a while I've actually enjoyed. One of the first licenses in a while I'm mildly interested in.


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Witchblade wasn't as god awful as other recent Gonzo anime has been, though admitedly I've only managed to catch the first episode.

I guess FUNimation basically have a monopoly on every GONZO anime these days.


What's wrong with fuuni? They seem to put more episodes on DVD's and I like the idea they had of the camera angle thing so you can watch the original japanese text or the english translation. I've never had a problem with them yet.
Witchblade seems to be a more half-decent anime series and is already a famous comic in the US or so I'm led to believe. I can see this doing well enough and certainly better than ADV's latest license in my opinion. Now I await a Maria-sama ga Miteru license if ever! :wink:
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watched frist ep of this and i though it look a little different to all the other stuff out at the moment so i will be getting the DVDs if they come out here.


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I've seen the first 4 eps so far and enjoying it alot (not just for the many busty female characters which is a big difference to the live-action tv series I saw a few years ago :lol:) and will be sure to get it when it's ever out in the UK.

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wheres Funi getting all this money from?

Funi = the Chelsea of Anime?

as for the show, sounds a little too dark for me so think i'll give it a miss

Edit: looks like Adult Swim have snatched it up aswell

though adult swim have lost the plot

lets pay millions for Eureka 7 then stick it on at 1:30am when no one can watch it :D


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Funimation seem to be licensing a lot of new titles recently, which is a good sign of a healthy industry (at least for Funi things are good it seems).

And as MVM are releasing a lot of stuff from them quite close to the US release dates, these licences seem to be more than just something to look forward to in a year after they are licensed.

I just wish we could start to have some more artboxes... MVM seem to be releasing less LE stuff and i hardly think it would hurt ADV to maybe try a single artbox for a popular series to see how many people buy it. I'm sure they would be pleasantly surprised. Although they would have to release it empty form, but with all the goodies inside! We deserve a nice artbox now i think!

Serioulsy though who else here would possibly buy an artbox with lots of extras inside... For example... say you have Full Metal Panic! on dvd - the whole collection, R2 of course because you hadn't particularly wanted to import it... all those dvd's sitting lonely on the shelf looking for some hunk of an artbox to sexy them up... If you saw on or somewhere else an item that was an empty artbox, for FMP! that can hold the entire series... and it comes with lots of goodies... maybe the first manga (wow hint hint ADV, i hope they read this because they need some advice lol (and they've been wanting to try out manga in the UK for a long time, so this is the perfect chance!)), and with a t-shirt maybe and some other stuff... all for maybe £10/15. Would you buy it... YES! of course... so the question i'm asking myself is why hadn't they thought of this earlier... their US counterparts aren't in such a dire situation that they couldn't afford to print some more boxes and do this... for just one series as a trial....

Who agrees?

Sorry for going off-topic by the way...