Found a good cosplay site


Dandy Guy, in Space
I was just browsing the net and i found this good cosplay site. =D
You join it and then you add Your pictures of cosplay you did in different Expo's, and there are some really good costumes on there. -- The site, to view all the costumes u click on All Costumes .

Ive Join im FF8Selphie lol i have the same name there as here!

Hope you all join! coz its really cool and i wanna see ur costumes!
and i will probs remember some of ur faces if u want to the may london expo! ( Im talkin to much again)


Stand User
yes i have seen this sitew before it has some great costumes in it i love the gekiganger 3 costume the best on there makes me laugh :lol:

Apple Bun

Thousand Master
OMG some of mines on there!!! i dident know that lol yay i could become famous!! not that there any good there my earlly 1s but anywho lol


Death Scythe
i feel inclined to repost good ol' Sailor Bubba but i think we've suffered enough from this thread as it is! :lol:

that cosplayer's expression is priceless.