FMA manga! (overblown title removed!)

I really love the FMA manga, just as much as I love the anime.

-Great, tight art
-Developed characters
-Intriging plot and setting
-Best of all, the plot deviates a lot from the anime, ok, a lot of manga does this to get more sails, but the FMA manga plot pans out about 90% differently from the anime. for example Maes Hughes dies far eariler in the manga, Lust gets killed by Mustang at around Chap.39 :( , Ed hasn't been to Ishvari and Scar has had a smaller role, we've only seen a brief glance of Sloth, Greed gets a reduced role

Although there's one thing I can't work out from the manga Who's Pride in the manga? Bradley is Wrath. Pride dismisses and berrates Envy as a "little scamp" in the scene where Envy and Gluttony are defeated by Ran Fan and Rin, which makes it sound like the Father is Pride in the manga. Also, the one time we see Sloth, she's completely different (looks like giant muscled version of Envy) and refered to (by Lust) as a he.

Hmm, the manga nothing like the anime.
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