Hi everyone, looking for some knowledge on the fist of the North star collection, I own the 9 disc box..... But devastatingly every disc/film I have watched from it, with English subtitles turned on ( on the main menu selection) all of the text on screen is out of sync, and is very hard to keep up with most of it, like for instance, a 3 line paragraph will appear for just one second, it's literally impossible to read and follow the film, I'm a really big fan on the second fist of the North star film (which I own on dvd with English dub, very easy to watch and follow) anyone please suggest what I should do, is there a way of getting better subtitles, or is there even a option to buy all the movies with English dub


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I seem to remember the subtitle issue happening at one point earlier in the past decade. Discotek Media, who own the rights to the series in the United States, has amended the subtitle problem with their complete series 'SD on Blu-ray' release. It's region locked for Region A Blu-ray players but it's currently the best way to own the original series. The first film is on Blu-ray in the US with the English dub also.

Probably not the best answer but anything Discotek gets in terms of anime is the best version possible for the title (on-disc-wise).


As far as I'm aware, only the first film, the New FOTNS OAV series and the first 36 episodes of the original series are available dubbed. What is the second film you speak of or are you referring to "New FOTNS"?


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if irecall they also V2d the Dvds in the Last Leg of it - there was a complete dvd set if i recall instead of the 4 volumes ...