Fist of the North Star Question


Thousand Master
After watching the movie I've been craving for more, so I've being doing some digging and reading and found that a guy called William Winckler created six dubbed movies with footage from the series.

Does anyone know what happened to them as it seems they've never been released?

Professor Irony

It's certainly the first I'd heard of them myself. According to one of the voice actors involved, they were shown on cable in Japan, but it's not clear exactly why the dub was carried out, given that there doesn't appear to be any plan to release them abroad.

The interview with Kyle Rea (Shin, Souther & Toki) is available here along with a demo clip, in case you haven't seen it already. Going by the demo, it doesn't sound like we're missing much, but it would be interesting to know what the logic was behind the whole thing.


Thousand Master
Thanks for the info. I actually just found them whilst browsing. I don't mind average dubs, most 80's and 90s anime were pretty poor, especially by today's standards and the FOTNS movie was no exception.

Edit: I just had a proper listen, my god that's poor :lol: