First film you saw at the cinema?


It was the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers movie - I can't remember how old I was (maybe around 6) but all I remember was there was something to do with parachutes at the start and that loads of people where brainwashed or something - I seem to remember really enjoying it though! A great first trip to the cinema!
What about everyone else? What was your first film at the cinema and was their anything inparticular you can remember about it?


Thats easy.... Back to the Future Part 3

Annoyingly I saw it a week later on a flight to America which kinda killed how special of a day out it is.


I think the first film i remember seeing at a cinema was Disney's Aristocats when a local cinema re-shown it as part of their saturday morning thing. Other then that it would of probably been Beauty and the Beast


Stand User
Jurassic Park is the first I remember seeing, but as I was 7 by then I can't imagine it was my actual first movie... though my Parents didn't really 'do' movies for quite a while, so it is possible.


Thousand Master
Probably Godzilla the american remake, i remeber playing rolepoly down the cinema stairs when it finally came out of the water. (i was like 5) That is the 1st time i remmember going to the cinema.


Dragon Knight
I think it was Disney's Fantasia, but it could also be Watership Down or the original Lord of The Rings animation I will have to check original release dates as my memory is going with age.