Fine fluffy anime fully printed PILLOWS (oh yes!)


These are about 12 inches square and 5 inches thick. Very fluffy and feel sort of nice against the cheek >o< 4 double-sided pillows... (sorry for image quality on the Advent Children and Inu Yasha ones)


£9 each, a quid postage. PayPal jaa02jll AT

There's only one of each, so PM or reply here first.

Sankyuu!! >o<

This stuff is clearance stuff from Natsuki Anime, which is now closed.

EDIT by Paul: Sorry, no e-Bay auctions allowed.


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I KNEW I saw those at Minami! Why is Natsuki Anime closing? I always liked the stuff you & Sash had on offer on your dealer table.

Link me to a list of what you are selling & I'll see what I can buy to help you guys out.


Although it pays the rent, it's not really worth the amount of time I have to put into it. A small company is priced out of the DVD and manga markets, but I do still believe there's scope for an 'anime tat' retailer. My guess is it either needs to be masses of cheap crap from China sold to the mass TV-viewing market, or specialised high-price stuff. Unfortunately, one of those I have ethical problems with and the other involves too much investment and seems a bit risky at the moment.


Stuff for sale it is. ^^


Cowboy Bebop Sunrise Art Works £14
Evangelion Die Sterne £21
Final Fantasy VI Amano's "Japan" £15
Final Fantasy X-2 Visual Arts £17
Intron Depot 1 £18
Naruto Uzumaki Artbook £13
One Piece Color Walk 1 £11
Positive Girls (Sorcerer Hunters) £9
Weiss Kreuz Assassin & White Shaman 2 £8
X Zero £14

Doujinshi... well, I still have a few hundred so I might put those back up on the store and put an ad on 4chan. If there's anything in particular you're after let me know.

I honestly have tonnes and tonnes of stuff to get rid of, so if anyone wants to buy a lot in bulk to put on eBay or anything, again, let me know.

I'll probably be behind a table at Ame in August, though exactly what form that will take *shrug*.