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Looks good, I like the fact the helmet is not only removable but there's an alternate hand so he can hold it.

Just received Yami, will have to wait till tomorrow to open her (focused on watching Kizomonogatari part 2 this evening). Eyeing up a Nendoroid for October but I'm a little worried I'm going overboard, though they are some much cheaper than scales it's no wonder they are easy to order :p

Liking the direction the Yen is going, May is a heavy order month and it's looking like I'll save a decent amount compared to my projected budget that assumes 130 yen to the pound (I based that on things going real bad and it was heading that way till the recent election announcement)


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I know a couple of you have ordered from NY, so I have question regarding shipping.

Normally I order from AmiAmi using SAL Small Packet (un)registered depending on the item. Nippon only have that shipping option for multiple items.

Only ordered once from NY a couple of years ago and the item was small. Looking at ordering a figure that's exclusive so I can't get it from AmiAmi. Was wondering what shipping you guys use from NY. Not touching EMS or DHL.

NY mark down, but do they always do that with figures or do I have to ask them too?

I have 3 main options.

JP Post Eco Registered. Think this is the same as Air Small Packet on AmiAmi(never used this one). Cheapest option

JP Post SAL Registered. I know what this one is, it's the same as SAL Parcel on AmiAmi. Tracking starts with CC or CI(have used twice when small packet was unavailable). Second cheapest

Transi-Logistic. Won't get done by customs as I pay the VAT up front, plus I won't have to pay the delivery companys ransom charge. The VAT seems to be worked out at 17% which would be cheaper than the 20% I would get charged here. Most expensive when the VAT is added. Around £15 more than the cheapest option.

If NY mark down I think I might risk it and not bother with transi-logistic.

AmiAmi don't give you the shipping cost until you get the invoice as they don't know the cost until they have the item. Will NY ask for more if the item is more than estimated? will they reduce cost if it's less?

When paying AmiAmi show the cost of each shipping option and allows you to change shipping method if you don't want to use what you picked when ordering. Does NY do the same? or I you stuck with the option you choose when placeing the order.
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I don't use NY but SAL should be the cheapest air method (its second class airmail) so the cheaper one won't be air, it will be surface mail. For me this usually takes six weeks from Japan so I'd avoid that unless you don't mind not seeing your item for up to two months from release.



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Looking the cheaper one is SAL as well.

JP Post Eco Registered : Economic - Registered (SAL)
JP Post SAL Registered : Economic - Sal International Parcel.

Both say sent by plane.

Sorry, only put down what the image on their site has, not the info from underneath.


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I've used their transi-logistic for a few larger items and been happy with the process. They ship stuff mid week into Europe and then DHL pickup the delivery from there, usually takes about 10 days though sometimes a few extra days depending on when they bulk ship to Europe.

I've never been charged extra on transi-logistic for shipping though I have heard of people being billed more on the regular shipping options when it turns out the item is bigger and heavier than expected.

I'm not sure if they auto mark down or not for other shipping methods. Solaris Japan offer a 'customs friendly' invoice that lets you specify what is declared by way of a slider bar when ordering. The invoice inside likewise reflects what was declared just in case it's opened.


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Oh damn it, I caved and pre-ordered Rin racing version

Also pre-ordered Michael The Seven Heavenly Virtues

Went with this version with the light up base and cloth poster.


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It's Aquamarine Guilty Gear Xrd -Sign- - Elphelt Valentine - 1/7 (Aquamarine) but it is distributed by GSC.

Standards for figures are definitely on the rise, though there's still a few 'weak' companies and a few of the new ones aren't up to the level where their prototypes match the final product.


Just taken deliver of Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata - Katou Megumi - 1/7 (Good Smile Company) to complete the set of 3

Also got my first NY issue :( The tracking number they gave me was for some totally different item that went to Sweden. Initial contact was a little annoying as they just replied to say yes the item should arrive in Sweden shortly, my next response was a lot clearer about the fact the delivery address was in the UK. Time difference is a pain as they were contacting their delivery partner in the EU on Friday and by the time Europe is awake it's past 5pm in Japan so they're closed till Monday.
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Nero racing version prototype. The trio are going to look good together.

Indeed, looking forward to seeing her painted and an auto order once she's available to compete the trio.

We have a wonfes coming up shortly, should see some progress on items on my wish list and I'd suspect a truck load of new items to keep an eye on :)


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Pre-ordered Nero. AmiAmi have it listed as a December 2017 release rather than June 2018. Would prefer the 2018 release date, already have two figures coming out in December.