Favourite opening/ending sequences

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I forget what the circumstances were with the alternative openings; there's one for both seasons, but they're missing from the US/UK home releases, as is the early broadcast one with Inner Universe that didn't use CGI footage.

Season one's:

I'm neither here nor there on Get9, but I think it's a shame that Christmas in the Silent Forest didn't make it overseas.


Interesting, Christmas in the Silent Forest sounds a bit Bjork-ish, which is good.

I found this on Wikipedia:
[both series] used alternate themes for its opening and closing credits when it was re-broadcast on terrestrial television.
Now I watched both on TV when AnimeCentral showed them and they both had the OP and EDs that @HWR and myself posted, so maybe that was in North America and what ever problem that needed the change wasn't present here.

I found the ED songs, but not the EDs themselves:

I quite like the second one.


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All the Teekyu!!!

Teekyu OP 1 - 9 (Including some variations!)

Takamiya Nasuno Desu! OP

Teekyu Best Selection OP + ED (Yes, that is definitely the ED used when aired!)

Unfortunately couldn't find any decent videos with the Usakame OP + EDs but they would definitely be on this list.


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Man this post froze up my browser something stupid o_O

A few of my favourites have already been posted, but I'll share some I like...

Durarara!! OP 2 (Tbh I like all the Durarara!! OPs and EDs that I've seen so far and it's hard to pick from them...)

Kyousougiga OP

Gurren Lagann ED 3 (I think?)


Assassination Classroom ED 1 (I dunno why I like this one so much tbh)

I may add another post later...
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You mean this?
Thought you might pick this, @Patient-X. ;)

It's one of my favourites, too.
That's the one. Great visuals and awesome music, in fact, it's probably the only opening that I've never skipped for every episode of a series. Ergo Proxy's one of my favourite animes and watching that clip makes me want to watch it all again :)


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To commemorate the end of Fairy Tail - OP 21 for me

Recently saw Bahamut Virigin Souls OP 2, pretty slick if you ask me!


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Really the whole BGC sountrack belongs in here. Well, except Mr. Dandy.

I change my mind constantly on my favourite UY OPs/EDs, but at the moment it's this:


Slayers knows how to do outros. Unfortunately the Slayers Gorgeous ending, Raging Waves, appears to have been completely excised from YouTube due to copyright strikes as has Midnight Blue, the ending to Slayers The Motion Picture (a shame since we all own the Slayers Megumix compilation already right? Right). But I like Reflection from Slayers Great just as much, if not more in terms of animation being choreographed to music:

Patlabor TV ED2

There's probably more, but I'll leave it there for tonight. Especially since my post seems to have capped the number of YouTube thumbnails.


Weak arcs aside, the soundtrack for Bleach was outstanding. This ED and its accompanying visuals are on point.



Not my most favourite, but i love this opening for Xam'd: Lost Memories which aired on the PSN at the time. Though everytime i hear it i miss Boom Boom Satellites ;__;


More KyoAni.

Full dance routine version of Haruhi season 1 ED:
Quite unexpectedly, I recently finished learning all the words to this. Don't know any of the dance steps, though. Bah.

Also, since I'm rewatching it (again) at the moment, Lucky Star OP1:
Can't claim to know all the words to this one. (But I do know the bit from 0min57sec to 1min22sec. :p)