Fate/Stay Night Heaven’s Feel II: Lost Butterfly Review


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Heaven's Feel II: Lost Butterfly delivers what Fate/Stay Night fans have been waiting for with quality animation and fantastic pacing; it fixes all the minor errors that let the previous film down and will leave viewers desperate to see what the final film has in store.

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Dragon Knight
Nice review. For me this film was definitely a step up from the first one. Mostly because the pacing of the first film is pretty bad whereas the flow of this film is much better. I do agree though about there being a lack of reaction from Emiya about dark Saber.


I'd have to watch the first one again since the wait for this was so long! I shall develop wrinkles by the time we can get our hands on the third.

I would say I have a small issue with the way it starts, considering its meant to carry on from what happened last time. It gives a sense of time passing and nothing happening - absolutely nothing, I'd say that's a bit of a pacing issue but it gets much better after the shinji threat

Its also been a while since I've seen anyone try to do a set scene well, something that ends up being something important to the characters, though having sakura's "desires" vanish after was a bit... what? I thought that just part of something darker

You know what I did like? The dream scene. It was precious. Nothing happened afterwards to change the tone so fast it gave me whiplash, the movie just ended there.

I kid, one of the darkest scenes in the film, showing whats really changing this route so much from the others, the first film just had curious additions of true assassin and the mysterious shadow, largely treading the same ground as other routes, but this makes the shadow a big player changing the route completely.

I consider unlimited to be the better adaption of the first two, but this second film makes me feel like it could be better, if the third film is any good

berserker, stay/night: you erased all my lives at once, impressive!

Berserker, unlimited: hur hur I cuttity up the little girl!

saber alter, heavens feel: I cuttity up the little girl
berserker: what!?