Fate/Grand Order -mortalis: stella- Volume 2 Review


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Whilst the story isn’t as engaging as other Fate properties, and will never be as immersive as the original game, this volume has a lot more going for it than the first book did.

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Yeah having played the first three singularities it really doesn't have a good start. Heard great stuff about Camelot onwards especially Salem, Shinjuku and Shimosa.

I'm as far as the Argartha Singularity in Act 1.5 but can confirm Camelot, Babylon and Shinjuku are all hype. Solomon is good too but in a more straight forward Avengers Assemble kind of way (Solomon is getting an anime adaptation like Babylon but I reckon it's going to be used as a recap of the earlier sigularities if I had to guess).

Looking forward to Shimosa, Salem and then can get on with the Act 2 story of Grand Order.