Fairy Tail


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I'm tempted by the Anime, been reading the Manga since I first saw it on the shelves in forbidden planet (back when they released vol 1 & 2 at the same time)

Not sure if I can handle the filler such a series entails though.


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I put off watching/reading Fairy Tail for a long time as like many others I imagine, the thought of getting stuck into another lengthy Shonen series didn't appeal much to me - I wasn't convinced about the art style too.

When I finally sat down to watch the anime though, I was hooked pretty quickly - the first few arcs move pretty quickly, and it feels far leaner than the likes of Bleach and Naruto. It also handles its female characters a heck of a lot better, and actually gives them a lot to do.


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a friend once described it as what you'd get if you asked joss whedon to make a shonen manga and i can kind of see what he meant by that, actually...

it's my favorite of all the hot-blooded shonen stuff, it seems like the author knows how to play around with the tropes without making things too formulaic or too far out... and i kind of love the references to western pop culture that gets thrown around every now and then


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Looking back on my opinion of the series from over a year ago is kind of amusing... safe to say having caught up to date with the manga/anime since then, my opinion has changed somewhat...

So... Early Fairy Tail - ie. the first 50 eps or so. Great. Exactly how a shonen series should be.

The more recent stuff on the other hand... not so much. I've hated the art style of the anime since it returned, and the pacing has been atrociously slow too. It's telling when something from 2015 looks worse than something from five years ago. Also, while the light fluffy feel of the series was a novelty to begin with, it gets tiring fast, and some of the 'Oh he's dead... but not really!' **** pulls in the most recent arc have been shockingly bad.

I still follow the manga, but more out of a personal interest in keeping up with what's popular than any particular love for the series any more.