Expo Rooms Friday Meet


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These are who is staying in the room on Friday night. First, we need to meet up.

I understand valha, Lee, & walker will need to arrive later.
What time do you expect you can make it to Waterloo for?

It may not even be necessary to meet in a set place, given we are few & far between for our arrival times, so I suggest we arrange our Friday plans here according to each of our needs, rather than simply setting a time & place.

Myself & Aimz will be arriving at Hammersmith at approximately 1-1:30pm.

What times will each of you be arriving?

NEXT: What to bring.

Any volunteered consoles or laptops mention here. Also, games, DVDs & handheld consoles are worth mentioning.

Lastly, assuming noone drops out, prices are £18 each.
(room = £54 per night, @ 2nights = £108, divided by 6 = £18)

Remember food money. ^_^

Any questions welcome.


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Jakeman will be arriving at 2:00pm at waterloo station, games I shall be bringing are:

One Piece Grand Battle
Marvel Vs. Capcom 2
Dragonball Z Budokai Tenkaichi