Evangelion 2.0 showing at cinema in germany November


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Watched it on friday and it so much better than the first one since it has a lot of new scenes.Asuka has a great entrance scene.Mari is a welcome addition to the cast (even though she only meets Shinji) she is a bit odd with her comment to him but she really is a fun character and i hope to see more of her in 3.0 .The cinema was nearly full and everyone clapped at the end so i assume that means they enjoyed it as much as i did.It has to be seen the cinema for the experience.
Its also going to be on in Berlin on the 14th November as well as the dates i already mentioned.

evangelion rocks

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Lucky you! :) Well,maybe theres hope for seeing rebuild in cinemas for us brits yet because Manga have the U.K cinema distribution rights for 1.0,so we may well get a limited release like Ponyo and the Deathnote films.^_^