European PS3 Launch delayed


i saw this comin a mile off..kinda obvious whenever sony said they where using blu-ray discs and components, so i am not surprised, nor that bothered.


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Rukario said:
If Sony dies Squaresoft better go to Nintendo and not Microsoft. =|
Square-enix will go to whoever waves the biggest pay-check at them, and we all know it. Not that Sony will "Die" anyway. The failure of the PS3 is unlikely in the long term (in two years the console will be more affordable, and people are stupid enough to stay loyal to the brand), and even if it does bomb, Sony are a giant electronics company who'd have to be hit simultaneously in about a hundred different markets to even need to catch their breath.


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That really sucks especially if you've pre-ordered it. Hopefully this Delay will put the PS3's Manufacturing costs down a bit.

Still as I live in Canada I'm not going to be effected...and as said Sony won't go bankrupt if the PS3 Fails look how many Nintendo Systems Failed in Compairison to the Compeition,and those who want Sony to got Bankrupt will also lose Anime. As Sony distributes Anime Titles in Various Countries around the world


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I'm neither shocked nor surprised. Sorry, a completely worthless post on my part but it gets my count up by a further one, so its worth it afterall!


Really, they could delay it until 2079 and it'd still probably outsell the Wii, Xbox 360 and the latest model of the Ford Focus combined. :$


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I'm quite glad to be honest. I wasn't going to get a PS3 on launch, but if MGS4 is ready for the March launch I will. Heck, by then I may be ready to shell out for it anyway.


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Really Sony would lose if they launch in November in Europe anyways. If their was problems people would be complaining, problem is no one owns the thing yet people are complaining about it getting deyaled. Sony can't win with this.


Sony still think the world revolves around them, and not the other way around, unfortunately.

The problem is that, since the PS2 completely shadowed every other console of this generation, Sony think thaat they can take the time in releasing the PS3, and the public will simply hand over their wallets when they do.

For this reason, I sincerely hope that Nintendo beats the crap outta Sony with the Wii.

Nunchuck to the teeth. :D


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The thing is that, when you look into it, the PS2's launch was plagued with very similar problems. It's not like they launched the console worldwide last time, so why do we kick up such a fuss now that they're releasing the PS3 in europe last? The PS1's success ensured the PS2 sold like hotcakes, especially in Japan who recieved the initial release and a very, very poor launch lineup. The PS2 was eventually even more successful than the PS1. You'd have to be mad to not expect the PS3 to be some kind of success!

The price is certainly far and above what the PS3 launched for, but without the luxury of christmas' legion of brat kids and the more-money than sense parents who feed them, I don't honestly believe that Sony Europe will be able to retail the console at the price mark previously announced. Neither will they necessarily need to given the extra time and an eventual drop in hardware manufacturing costs (or sony's profits).