Eureka Seven: Hi-Evolution Anemone Review


Eureka Seven: Hi-Evolution Anemone is an interesting film. At times superbly done, others, very confusing and jarring to the new viewer. Now then, let’s PLAY FOR- oh wait, we’re not doing that in this film? Phew

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Geriatric hedgehog

Straw Hat Pirate
Thanks for the great review. I thought I'd add my thoughts as a newcomer to the series for what they're worth, having first watched the hi-evolution movies on screenanime, then followed on with the main series and AO (but didn't read the manga - would you recommend that?).

Your insights on the questions raised regarding the nature of reality in the series are very interesting indeed and significantly raise the anticipation for the last entry in the trilogy. Also, I found the switching of protagonist/antagonist roles for Eureka & Anemone fascinating, and I also preferred the backstory for Anemone in this compared to the main series, making her a more grounded and sympathetic character, I felt. I absolutely loved the opening credits, coupled with a great track.

Completely agree with your rating given the shortcomings, but I found myself drawn to watch it again and to want to add to my collection (if/?when it's released in UK - not keen on forking out for an import). It certainly helped draw me to a series not on my radar, far more than the hot mess of the first movie. I thought the exploration of the relationships was excellent and full of empathy and in my opinion very well supported by the soundtrack! It's music style is more up my street, and felt the sombre mood certainly matched the subject matter of the movie very well. I did really enjoy the main series' music also, but can see how jarring Anemone's would be to long term fans.

Very interesting movie despite the flaws and I feel it complements the overall series well by shedding more light on a somewhat overlooked character. Now to wait for the next one heh.