Elfen Lied vs Dragonball Z

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Iam new to this website so if you dont like this poll or what ever it is or if i did this wrong i apolidgize.
I finished watching Elfen lied a few weeks ago and the main character Lucy is pretty damn unstoppable. She kills so many people. And then i thought to myself "Could Lucy beat Goku from Dragonball Z?" They are both very powerful and could take almost for ever to beat.

So what do you people think:
Goku vs Lucy
Who would win?


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Goku's speed would probably be too much for Lucy's "busy" hands. An interesting match up would be (a pre-gear) Luffy versus Lucy; both have expendable limbs, though Lucy's being invisible could give her the edge? ;)


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Probably not. one ki ball and boom, lucy is gone. mind you, she did take a bullet in the head pretty well.

Mind you, in Dragonball Z they cheat. Goku's already died three or four times.

God damn, i want to watch DBZ again.


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If DBZ characters can fly and punch at a speed which is untracable to the human eye I'm pretty sure Goku's got it in the bag.


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Lucy's good for some 'trash talk', as they say, before inevitably suffering incineration at the hands of Goku and his blue beam of Hawaii. Goku will then attempt to make amends with the semblance of a body by shaking hands and then proposing that they "fight again sometime." All in the space of 15 seconds.

Later that day, the universe is saved again.

I miss Dragonball Z. :cry:


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You know, Elfen Lied isn't just about the gore and what have you... It has much more meaning, drama, romance and other decent shizzle that DBZ quite obviously lacks.

I obviously have a certain bias because, well, I can't stand DBZ, but Elfen Lied is much more than art class with just one colour.
Since this is a battle between the characters rather than the anime / manga then in no way is Lucy unstoppable but with those vectors, she does have one crazy-ass ability and could easily slay hundreds of people in mere minutes. However, something you gotta understand about Dragonball Z is no matter how powerful you get there will always be some hidden new level of Super Saiyajin that comes with god-like powers, bigger muscles and even longer hair... I've even herd at one point, Goku and Brolly were somehow throwing planets at each other during their fight o_O. The Saiyajins win this round... as well as any other fight they'd ever get paired up against probably.


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Thing is, if she did beat Goku. Vegeta or some other badass will come and take them on.

Also the androids wouldnt be affected by lucy's vectors.


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Elfen Lied is awful...one of the worst things I've ever seen.

I love DBZ, so obviously it beats Elfen Lied...but so does watching static.

Duh...didn't read the first post properly. >_>

Yeah...Goku easily. But pretty much everyone else would just lose. Especially poor Yamcha.


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Dragonball Z, it's got sucktastic plots, especially after the freeza saga. Everything that you wished for your character basically comes true and best of all, it's shouting and fillers =D

I was being sarcastic, dear. But this is probably more stupid than my old topics o_O