Edens Zero Volume 1 Review


Completely Average High School Student
I was a little put off by the extent of similarities that Edens Zero has with Fairy Tail, especially in the design department, but I don't want to judge it too quickly, considering this is just the first volume. I am looking forward to the second volume though. I definitely agree that Edens Zero probably won't ever be as popular as Fairy Tail, but it still has a ton of potential. Have you heard of Ultimate Outcast? It's another action series that I've been reading lately that really impressed me. It focuses on a guy named Haneul who just transferred to a new school. He pretty much immediately becomes the target of bullies, but he tolerates it until they assault his best friend. He vows to get stronger and get revenge for her, so he finds someone to train him to become a better fighter. Thanks to his new master's strange techniques, he becomes insanely strong and is able to punish the people who use their strength to abuse weaker people. The action scenes in this series are some of the most impressive that I've seen outside of anime, so I highly recommend checking it out if you have the time!