Earrthsea London screening


School Idol
I have had a quick scan of the forum and couldn't see this mentioned, so forgive me if someone's posted this already.

I've just had the NFT/BFI Southbank listings in the post with the news that Tales from Earthsea will be screening in the NFT 1 on Saturday 28th July at 2:40 pm.
I don't know if it's already screened at UK festivals and expos, but this is the first time I've heard of a London screening.

Tickets are on sale from May 28th to BFI members and go on sale to everyone on June 6th.

It doesn't mention whether it will be dub or sub - has a dub been recorded?


Magical Girl
This is really cool news and I'd like to see this. Anything Ghibli is worth a gander.

No idea if it'll be subbed/dubbed, but I would make a guess at sub as it's that kind of venue. I think I heard that Disney have already done the dub well in advance, though I could have heard wrong. (or have just made it up in my head!)