DVD Anime


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Hey there good people. I just wanted to get a little feedback for DVD Anime to see what people thought of it. The entire site has changed a lot recently, most notably the design and name are different, but we have also been a bit sharper with the news and have created a new gallery for DVD screen captures. So, the odd comment would be great :)



Ghost of Animes
I like it. Very easy to navigate, easy to read and everything is where it should be. If I had one comment, it's that the design lacks colour; it's very white and perhaps lacks the "excitement" you get from a website that is vibrant with differing colour. The content itself is top notch; some of the best reviews from a UK site I've read and you keep it well up to date too; you source good sites in your news posts ;)


Straw Hat Pirate
Seconded- I haven't had the time to fully browse the site, but from what I've seen the layout and the content are both excellent, and though I personally wouldn't have used the dark red and white, it's a better choice than overusing colour. I also signed up to the the forums, but one thing I noticed was that there didn't seem to be a link back to main site from the forums (or is that just me being stupid and not seeing it?).


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Can only agree with Paul and Red XIII here , really good layout and content overall . Just maybe a little more colour needed , but its not 100% nessecery.


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Thank you very much for the comments. The layout is certainly something to note I think, possibly a future improvement there once we have polished off a few other things and have extra free time in the holidays. Maybe more interactivity features? I'm not sure myself.

Red XIII, the link to the main site is the big icon on the top right of the forums, but it's good to find out I may need to add a bit of text there or something similar to make life easier for visitors.