Dragon Half Omnibus Volume 1 Review


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Dragon Half was an enjoyable read, despite me having no real incentive to continue reading it beyond this release. While this style of comedy isn’t for me, I think those who like classic comedy manga will really enjoy Seven Seas’ release.

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I'm really happy to see more classic series like these making a comeback. I love collecting the omnibus editions because they make collecting the entire series a lot easier. I'm really excited for the next volume in the omnibus series now!
If you're interested in trying out any modern series with a similar theme, I think you would probably like 4 Cut Hero! It's based on an rpg game, and it follows the 'hero' after his biggest mission ever. All he wants to do is live a normal life, but people from his previous missions keep interfering. It blends elements from the real world with a fantasy world, and has a much more modern sense of comedy that would probably be more your style than the comedy in Dragon Half.